Saudi King's Yacht Arrives Maldives. Luxury Is Mind Blowing.

13 MARCH 2017
Saudi king Salman Bin Abdulaziz is due to arrive Maldives on 18th March, ahead of him arrives his superyacht. Some people spotted the yacht in Maldivian waters and tweeted pictures. Exact date of her arrival remains uncertain.

king salman yacht

Named Al Salamah, king's mega yacht is mind blowing. According to Charter World this is the 10th biggest yacht in the world. The 139 metre long yacht can accommodate 40 guests in 22 cabins and 94 crew in 37 crew cabins while it travels at maximum speed of 21.5 knots.

saudi king yacht in maldives
Al Salamah in Maldives. Photo by Phiraash (

Built by a German company the yacht was first launched in 1999 and later refitted in 2006. Al Salamah has no shortfall in terms of luxury. The eight deck superyacht comes with fully equipped hospital, office, lounge, secretary office, gym, cinema, library, business centre, saloon, beautician and spa.

al salamah yachtPhoto: Inside Al Salamah. More photos in gallery below.

The 7th deck is dedicated for the king. There are 4 Owner's Staterooms on this deck along with hospital, king's office, secretary's office and 2 staff room.

al salamah interiorPhoto: Bathroom of Owner's Stateroom

The 6th deck is for king's VIPs. There are 10 VIP Suites and 8 Guest Rooms, dining and lounge for the VIPs. Lower decks are for staff accommodation and other facilities.

saudi navi ship maldivesPhoto by Mihaaru: Saudi naval ship Boraida in Maldives

Last week some people spotted Royal Saudi Navy ship anchored near Dhoonidhoo island. Equipped with 2 helicopters and high calibre guns this navy ship named Boraida 902 seems to be part of king's security. Little is known about the ship, but it is huge in size. Having cranes on the ship indicates it is also part of the support services. A part of king's luggage may have arrived by this ship. There was been reports that his luggage weighs 460 kg but the contents indicate it could be heavier. Bulletproof cars, escalators, king's bed are all reportedly part of his luggage. From security perspective this makes sense.

one&only reethi rah
As arrival date of king's visit get closer we know he has booked 3 entire Maldives resorts. Latest reports say the king will spend his holiday in One&Only Reethi Rah while some of his entourage stays at 2 other luxury resorts. Several of Saudi royal family members are believed to be accompanied by the king on his state visit to Maldives. Salman Bin Abdulaziz first visited Maldives in 2014, then he was the Crown Prince and Defence Minister and he was on holiday. His son Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman reportedly visited Maldives multiple times.

Many multi-billion dollar investments have been signed during the king's tour to Asian countries. Saudi's interest in Maldives is about buying an atoll of 18 islands to develop an advanced city for the wealthy from around the world, this has never being officially confirmed by Saudi Arabia. Maldives president said the discussion was about a possible $10bn investment which will take Maldives to the forefront of the world.

Inside King Salman's yacht

saudi king yacht

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