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Speculated Military Submarine Turned Out To Super Yacht

Maldivian fishermen reported sighting of military submarine last week. Fishermen said it was spotted in southern region. The Maldives National Defense Force said there was no such submarine in the Maldivian waters. Days later, [...]

Hondaafushi Reveals Beauty With New Photos

After several delays in opening the resort, now it looks like ready to welcome its first group of guests very soon. Maldives Finest was able to obtain latest photos of Hondaafushi, the resort looks fantastic. We cannot wait to go [...]

Kooddoo Maldives Set To Open With Its Own Airport

Ever heard of a Maldives resort having its own airport on the same island? This is about to happen this February at Kooddoo Maldives in south Gaafu Alifu Atoll. The domestic airport on Kooddoo is already in operation.

Maldives Coast Guard Aims To Introduce Sail Powered Patrol Boats

Coast Guard vessels are known for their fast speed and ability to withstand fiery sea conditions. Such boats to have actual sails to harness the power of wind could be the last thing you may think. But, that was what the Maldives [...]

The Story Of Beer Drinking Heron At Kuramathi

Beer may be the last thing you may think a heron would like. But, that is the case in Kuramathi and some other resorts. Now you may think what happens when it drinks beer? It gets knocked out and often rests its neck on a [...]


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