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Maldives Luxury Resort For Private Rental - $4m For 4 Nights

W Maldives has announced private island rental package. Pay $4m to rent entire 78 room resort for 4 nights. The all inclusive package comes with unlimited use of spa, water sports, gourmet restaurants and underground drinks bar. <[...]

Genuine VPS.Net Review Based On 5 Years Of Hosting

19 Oct 2016 | Blog: We had many good and bad experiences at VPS.Net in the last 5 years. Before I start with the review let me tell the reason I decided to write this review. There are many hosting review websites but I decided to[...]

Zanzibar Or Maldives? Let's Compare

Zanzibar is a part of Tanzania off the East Africa coat. Maldives is in the South Asia. Despite being in two different continents both are in massive Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is as big as 950 square miles, whereas the entire [...]

Maldives Decides To Leave Commonwealth

13 Oct 2016: After 34 years, Maldives has today decided to leave Commonwealth. Earlier on September 23, the Maldives was included on the official agenda of Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group – CMAG’s meeting scheduled to be[...]

In This Resort It's A Coconut That Tells Current Weather

This luxury resort has 86 rooms of which 64 comes with private pool. While most Maldives resorts occupy an entire island this resort comprises of two that are located side by side. This is Per Aquum Niyama, one of the few that has[...]


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