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Nationalities Banned From Entry To Maldives Due To Coronavirus Covid-19

The national Health Protection Agency of the Maldives have confirmed 13 positive cases of coronavirus known as Covid-19. Under a heath emergency state the HPA has banned some nationalities from entering to the Maldives on tourist [...]

Escape The Coronavirus Covid-19 In Safe Heaven Of Maldives At 50% Discount

The new pandemic Coronavirus Covid-19 is swiftly multiplying across the globe, the virus has also reached Maldives but the island nation still remains a safe heaven. Tourism Minister Honourable Ali Waheed recently said that [...]

Coronavirus Covid-19 Updates From Maldives - 30 Room Quarantine Island

Maldives has taken drastic measures to stop Covid-19 which has infected 13 foreign nationals upto today. Contact trace-backs were done and several locals were tested for Coronavirus but non had turned positive so far. Under new [...]

Maldives Islands Like Oil Rigs After 100 Years? 7 Ways To Tackle Rising Sea Level.

Rising sea level is the biggest long-term thread to the low lying islands of Maldives. But, the question is, what will happen to Maldives after 100 years? No one knows for sure and there are many theories. This video simplifies [...]

Professional Photography Service At Kihaa Maldives Is Awesome

The resort now offers professional photography service, just one more reason to choose Kihaa Maldives. Professional photography is a costly arrangement if you have to hire a freelance photographer, cost of photography is added to[...]

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