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There are over 120 resorts in Maldives and the link in menu give you a glance of 90 resorts on one page. We like to keep our homepage clean, easiest way to find information is to search. If you have questions check out the forum. We are most active on forum and answer questions as much as possible. If you have never been to Maldives before take a look at Maldives Map With Resorts, Airports And Local Islands that has frequently asked questions answered.

Maldives Islands Like Oil Rigs After 100 Years? 7 Ways To Tackle Rising Sea Level.

Rising sea level is the biggest long-term thread to the low lying islands of Maldives. But, the question is, what will happen to Maldives after 100 years? No one knows for sure and there are many theories. This video simplifies [...]

Professional Photography Service At Kihaa Maldives Is Awesome

The resort now offers professional photography service, just one more reason to choose Kihaa Maldives. Professional photography is a costly arrangement if you have to hire a freelance photographer, cost of photography is added to[...]

Jihad Against Plastic – You Just Have To Be Human

Today I have decided to do jihad against plastic, more specifically on single-use plastic. I want to kill the ideology of consuming items that are packed in single-use plastic, whenever there is an alternative I should not go for [...]

Ocean Village Maldives Introduces Amazing New Concept

The four-room seaside guesthouse at local island of Holhudhoo, known as Ocean Village Maldives, is just a place to sleep over. The actual holiday takes place at their Private Island that is just 5 minutes by speedboat. The Private[...]

Your Experience At Constance Moofushi

Isolated on its own, it is an island that has developed into the best luxury and simplicity resort. Indeed, it is the place to be during your holidays; a tranquil place that offers you the best picturesque vacation home. It [...]

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