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Maldives Private Island Rental For Exclusive Holidays

This is a top luxury retreat island available for exclusive rental. Celebrities and high-profile tourists may not be able to enjoy regular holidays due to unwanted attention. This private island would be perfect to enjoy an island atmosphere in total privacy. Other than the guests it would a small of team of staff on the island, including security officers. What other options would be ideal for Politicians, owners of multinational companies, Hollywood and Bollywood stars? World’s top island experience comes at a premium price. If you that is beyond your budget we also offer a high privacy island shared with few guests where you can experience seclusion in luxury facilities and activities. Both options offer the choice of accommodation in water villa or beach villa. Maldives Finest can further enhance the experience by including activities such as luxury yacht trips, dolphin watching cruises, dinner in the underwater restaurant and more. Check out the photos of exclusive private island and shared retreatand see which one suits you the best.

Soneva Secret VIP Deals

Intelligent luxury or the slow life in the rustic wooden interiors define Soneva experience. The latest property of Soneva group, the Soneva Secret is a private island with only 14 well appointed villas. While the island offers a variety of culinary choices there is a kitchen in each villa and a dedicated chef among with the butler. This means you don’t have to leave your private atmosphere, unless if you would want to do scuba diving, snorkeling or want to hop on a boat for an adventure in the ocean. Spa treatments can be organized the usually way in the facility or a secluded location of the beach. Relieving stress means daily spa treatments, especially after dining, snorkeling or trying out some land sports.

Fast Track VIP Assistance At Male Airport Maldives

When you arrive with our VIP service there is a greeter at the flight (first exit near the cockpit) to receive you and escort directly to the lounge, the vehicle is shared with other VIP passengers. Regular passengers take a different vehicle that drives off to the arrival terminal. Your passport processing takes place in comfort of the lounge while sipping drinks. Light meals and snacks are available. Free wifi keeps you connected as you wait for the baggage which also be brought to the lounge. When it is time to exit there will be a representative escorting you for the transfer to resort. This is the fast track VIP service that is convenient in every aspect that makes your Maldives experience even more memorable, not every airport offers this class of hospitality.

Best Maldives Resorts For Snorkeling At House Reef 2024

Is Maldives the 8th wonder of the world? Visit and decide by yourself. Powdery beaches are just what you see on the island. Below surface of the ocean lies wonders of marine life that creates best memories that often becomes addictive. You can do scuba diving or snorkeling to discover fascinating beauty of the underwater world. In Maldives there are 1192 islands, reefs are even more. Not all reefs are ideal for recreational activities. Maldives Finest has featured the best reefs in Maldives at different resorts for you to choose one and book quickly through us, along with other enhancements such as the VIP airport service.

4 Maldives Resorts With Water Slide In The Villa

Maldives redefines private villa experiences with little extra elements and some fine tuning of service. Many resorts offer accommodation with attached infinity pool and jacuzzi with a view. There are very few resorts that offer private villa with water slide attached, some resorts have slide in a shared facility such as an overwater bar. But, the real fun begins when you have in your private bungalow that allows you to enjoy with your partner. Maldives is well known for honeymoon holidays and sliding down into the clear waters for a plunge can be among the sweetest memories you may recall years later.

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Villa Prices And Packages

One of the most requested resorts from Maldives Finest includes Waldorf Astoria. The island is located near the Velana International Airport. Getting there is enjoyable when you board a luxury yacht for a 40 minute trip. Price per night varies from at different months, usually $3000 - $6000. In some seasons we are able to offer discounts upto 30% and our pricing is always better than resort direct rate. This is a high-demand hotel that gets sold out quickly, sometimes an year in advance.

Rooftop Lunch At Maldives Airport

Do you have too long waiting time at Velana airport in Maldives? We offer visit to the rooftop restaurant that is just a 15-minute drive. Guests with confirmed reservations are received at the airport and escorted to the ...

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VIP Services
Under our VIP Airport Service guests are received at flight stairs and escorted directly to a lounge. Passport processing for our VIP guests takes place in comfort of lounge with drinks and snacks. Seatings in lounge are always pre-reserved. Baggage are collected and presented to guests in lounge. For departure the guests check-in directly to lounge.