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Swine Flu H1N1 Situation In The Maldives And Travel Advice 2017

UPDATE: Health Protection Agency says up to today 176 people turned positive for Swine flu H1N1. This was out of 460 cases tested in the country. Meanwhile the special flu clinic opened by ADK hospital has now been shut down. [...]

Guest Learns Hard Way Not To Smoke In Room

Smoking in room is prohibited in all Maldives resorts. Smoking makes the room smell very bad, it smells bad even for smokers themselves. Getting rid of this horrible smell is a challenge and consumes time and money. The [...]

Chinese Guest Deposits Live Crab In Safety Deposit Box

A resort in North Ari Atoll has found a live crab in one of the guest room's safety deposit box. When questioned the Chinese national said that he put it in for safekeeping and received a fine of $300 for breaching resort's [...]

How To Fix Mask From Getting Blur While Snorkeling?

I have been snorkeling for decades and my mask often got blur while snorkeling. What I did? Took off the mask, spit and clean the mask before putting back on. That worked for me but it was actually quite annoying, especially when [...]

3 Amazing Maldives Water Villas With Glass Floor For 2017

A glass floor is not only exciting to walk on, it also brings enrichment to luxury villas. It makes you feel more spacious while taking you even closer to nature. Seeing the waves underneath brings comfort to your senses. The [...]

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