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Whale Shark Abuse Must End Everywhere In Maldives

Local newspaper Mihaaru reports that some of the liveboards are visiting the whale shark spot at Dhigurah and Maamigili at night and use high powered flood lights to attract the rare creature. This is abuse and it needs to end [...]

Woman Travels 196 Countries And Picks Maldives In Her Top Ten

American woman Cassie DePecol becomes first women to travel the whole word and she chooses Maldives in her top ten "must visit" destinations. Cassie DePecol, 27, took 18 months to travel 196 countries of the world. After [...]

Ever Wonder Why Sandbanks Do Not Have Trees?

Once I was travelling on a speedboat with some guests. After some travel we came across a sandbank. One of the guests asked me why people do not plant trees on sandbank. You may think it is because the soil is too salty for tree [...]

Saudi King Books 3 Entire Maldives Resorts Yet Again

22 Feb 2017: Maldives Finest earlier reported that Saudi king had booked Maldives resort for his up coming visit. We have now learnt that he had infact booked entire 3 resorts (yet again) from March 18 to 31. Despite booking [...]

Saudi Faafu Atoll Project: A City For 1 Million Dreamers

Few days back we reported that Saudi King Salman was set to visit Maldives within weeks and he wants to buy a Maldives atoll. The news seems to have sparked concern among the locals, especially the people living in Faafu Atoll[...]


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