3 Maldives Resorts With Water Slide In The Villa

Water slides are not only for kids and these Maldives villas are popular among honeymoon couples and families. For people who love water villa there are 2 options. Other two are beach villas. To get a water slide you need not comprise the type of villa you want. But, these are all luxury five star resorts. There is no four star resort that offer villas with water slides, not even a public water slide. One of the resorts need to fix a water slide in the main pool, so everyone can enjoy.

Private Reserve at Gili Lankanfushi

gili lankanfushi private reserve

Built on 1700 sqm the Private Reserve in Gili Lankanfushi is widely known as the world's largest water villa. This giant abode has 2 Master Suites, one with one bed room and another with two bedrooms. The very front part of the structure is the swimming pool and sun deck. Pathway leads to both left and right, on each side there is a Master Suite.

Mid-section of the structure is dedicated for entertainment lounge. There is a water slides that drops you in a private lagoon. Yes, it's a private lagoon area amid Private Reserve. Various facilities are built around this lagoon area, giving much needed privacy for ultimate indulgence.

To attend all your wishes there is a personal butler living in your abode. Named Mr. Friday, he has his own room next another living area, kitchen and spa. All these facilities are on the ground floor.

When you go upstairs there is a gym that could be converted to Nanny's room if you have todlers to be looked after while you enjoy your holiday. There is also a library and games room. Diving Pavilion on upstairs is an amazing spot feast under the stars while staring at the Indian Ocean on a full moon night.

Soneva Fushi Private Reserve

soneva fushi private reserve
This beach villa is humongous and comes with a water slide. There are 9 bedrooms (yes nine) and occupies an area of 5540 sqm. There is everything you need; children's bedroom, private pool, spa, sauna, steam room, fitness centre. One of the highlights of this villa is the lounge that is located inside the pool. This place is perfect for dining in groups. Wonderful memories be made in places like this.

The water slide not being very high up, makes this ideal for kids. There is easy to access to get up as stairs are right next to it. Kids would want to repeat what they love. The designers may have considered this factor and put the stairs so they can enjoy sliding over and over again.

Soneva Fushi Villa 15

soneva fushi villa 15 water slide
This one has 4 bedrooms and comes with a water slide too. Villa 15 is the name given to this beach villa. It occupies an area of 2375 sqm and is another giant villa anywhere in the Maldives. This villa is built on the idea of self-sustenance, meaning everything you would want is provided in the villa. If not, your personal butler is there to get you anything that you wish.

Soneva Jani Water Villa

soneva jani water slide
All the water villas at Soneva Jani comes with water slide. Get in and enjoy the fun of being throw in to clear lagoon that had been preserved for thousands of years before this island become a resort in the recent years. Soneva resort have a nation-wide reputation for being nature friendly. Most of the interior and exterior comes with rustic finishing that is just wonderful. These luxury villas have a high demand. Few months back I visited Noonu Atoll and met the colleagues working here, the island enjoys full or near full occupancy through the year.

Oh yes, these little pool hammocks look gorgeous. Something new to Maldives. You want to be in the sun or the shade? Choose the time of day to your liking. Even in the sun if you want to cool down just make few turns and you will land in the pool. If you think that would be too cool, just dip the feet. Please don't dip the head (:D).
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