Wheelchair And Assistance In VIP Airport Service

We are pleased to announced that our VIP airport service now includes special assistance for guests who require wheelchair. There is no extra charge for the wheel chair, just let us know if you need it during the reservation. A special arrangement is needed to provide this service. Therefore, without prior confirmation for wheelchair service we may not be able to make necessary arrangements. However, we still do check possibilities even for last minute requests. Every year in Winter we get many last minute requests, due inavailability of airport slots we are unable to do reservation for all requests. Therefore, we recommend reaching us on advance and make reservation even if it is for next year.

This service is available for both arrival and departures. Velana International Airport at present does not have aerobridge, the airport uses mobile staircases for boarding passengers to aircrafts. Passengers on our VIP package that requests for wheel chair service there will be an ambulift for boarding.

Our airport service package includes many ideal services for luxury tourists staying in exclusive private islands as well as five star resorts. Couples and families with children can also obtain the package. Children below 2 years of age on travelling trade are on complimentary basis while accompany paying adults, children above 2 years are on same price as adults.

Passport processing by the Immigration Department takes place in the lounge itself and it is on fast track mode. It can be as quick as 10 minutes. Your checked-in baggage takes to make it from the aircraft to the belt, then to the lounge. If you don’t have checked-in baggage we can arrange your exit within 10 minutes if you request in advance. Please that the Department Of Immigration reserves the right to conduct further checks, for example in case of suspicious possessions. Therefore, we are unable to issue a guarantee for exit time.

The lounge has free wifi. If you would like to communicate with for any reason you can conveniently reach us on Whatsapp. There is a buffet in the lounge which is included in the package, make yourself comfortable. We coordinate with your chosen resort for the stay. Usually there is no long waiting in the lounge before the transfer to the resort. The lounge is available for maximum of 3 hours, this is usually more then enough for arrival guests. For departure guests the check-in to lounge starts when it is 3 hours to flight time, guests should check-in at least 90 minutes prior to take off. Usually this is not in the hands of guest as it depends on transfer movements. We coordinate with resort to track seaplane movements as well as speedboats to ensure best service.

For guests in wheel chair, there are many factors to take into consideration, not only the airport services. For example if you are planning to visit a resort that require seaplane transfer there are resorts that have seaplane platform in choppy lagoons which will cause difficulty in disembarking the aircraft. This is just one factor. Serving meals to the villa or taking guest to restaurant on buggy for all meals is another major factor to be considered. Apart from providing “fast track” airport service we also offer complete holiday packages that cover hotel accommodation and transfers. Complete packages are more ideal as it enables us to plan and execute our operations smoothly. Our holiday packages are often cheaper when compared to hotel direct rates on the website. We actually compare prior to sending out our offers.


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Under our VIP Airport Service guests are received at flight stairs and escorted directly to a lounge. Passport processing for our VIP guests takes place in comfort of lounge with drinks and snacks. Seatings in lounge are always pre-reserved. Baggage are collected and presented to guests in lounge. For departure the guests check-in directly to lounge.