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Maldives Finest (also known as Priority Maldives) offers VIP concierge service for luxury holidays in the Maldives. This makes the holiday stress-free as the concierge is always connected to guest through WhatsApp. Be it the VIP service in airport or something you need in resort the concierge is on high availability all the assistance you need. Privacy may be a high factor and you may not want to share your contact with butler in resort, in that the concierge will act on your behalf and reach out to the butler for services the way you prefer.

Airport Services at MLE

If you have read recent forum posts on Tripadvisor you may have already known about the airport situation in the Maldives. The Velana International Airport (MLE) is serving over its capacity, making it overcrowded with tourists for both arrival and departure. At this point you may be thinking that you would just be patient go through the airport and then it will be pure bliss of paradise. Just like you, most of the tourists seem unaware of the VIP airport service we offer to skip the queues and proceed from flight to lounge without even having to be in the arrival terminal. For departures also it will be a comfortable lounge for you instead of the overcrowded terminal with long queues. Mostly referred as fast-track service, it comes at a premium price suitable for guests staying in luxury resorts such as Waldorf Astoria, Soneva Jani, One & Only Reethi, Ritz Carlton Maldives, Cheval Blanc Randheli, Velaa Private Island, Four Seasons Resorts, Private islands etc.

Different countries have different visa policies and restrictions for tourists. Maldives is a tourist-friendly destination that offers free 90 day tourist visa to all nationalities. To obtain this visa you do not need to send any application prior to arrival. But, after Covid19 pandemic the government has mandated a self-declaration that is required for arriving to the Maldives as well as prior to departing from Maldives. The online form is not too complicated but there are several fields to be filled out. Usually we send the link to guests to fill the self-declaration. If guest prefer to use our concierge to assist we will obtain necessary details from guests and fill it by ourselves, the QR codes are then sent to guests which they can present to Maldives Immigration. Many guests print it to be sure, but this is not needed. In almost all cases guests are not even asked for QR code as the record can be traced from Maldives Immigration computer systems.

As concierge to our guests we proactively inform guests of procedures and formalities in every stage as per best practices which we have learned through experience in the industry. For example, Trans Maldivian seaplanes allow maximum of 20 kg per person for baggage, extra weight is chargeable and sometimes it needs better coordination with seaplane team to ensure baggage goes to resort as quickly as possible. In April 2024 we had a couple who had 3 large suitcases and 2 folded chairs when they arrived with our VIP airport service. Our concierge on duty at the airport greeted them and arranged the extra baggage to be transferred to resort by speedboat that was available at the time. For their departure the concierge coordinated with the resort and guest to load the same items to a speedboat which reaches airport prior to guest’s departure. This way our professional concierge service ensured that best possible arrangement for the situated was offered to guests, in some rare cases there may be risk that seaplane cannot carry all baggage on time to meet international flight time. Concierge service in this case helped avoid risk and also avoided extra charges for overweight baggage.

The Maldives Immigration currently requires all tourists arriving and departing from Maldives do an online declaration within 72 hours of the flight time in Maldives. We recommend doing it when it is about 48 hours. If you did the declaration exactly at 72 hours to your flight landing time in Maldives, any advance in flight would cause declaration to have more than 72 hours and it becomes invalid when your flight lands in Maldives. According to Maldives Immigration, declarations made prior to 72 hours are not shown on their computer systems.

Our concierge service also including helping guests fill up the online declaration required by the Department Of Immigration. You can provide us ticket details, passports and a selfie. We will do the declaration on your behalf and provide you’re the QR, it is sufficient to have this on your phone, printing is not mandatory. Except in very rare cases, the immigration officials don’t even ask for the QR code on your phone as the records are traceable on their computer systems. The Immigration Department allows travel agents to fill it on behalf of the guests. The declaration was introduced during the Covid19 pandemic, apparently to trace contacts who may have to be quarantined and effectively manage cross-border viral diseases. See pricing and packages for more details.

Logistics For Special Celebrations

Logistics is a complex field in any country. To professionally handles transfer of different types of goods the local knowledge is essential. Regular tourist movements are not complex. But, as professionals at Maldives Finest we are ready offer logistics support to a wide variety of requirements. A group of family and friends arriving to a private island holiday may bring several boxes of frozen and chilled food items, our concierge has to do pre-planning for the particular date and make arrangements to deliver items to destination while maintaining right temperature. These are very special cases and occasions. But, guests who need this service would always want to leave the task to a professional hand rather than an overseas tour operator. Another item that is occasionally delivered to resort includes rose petals. Some guests want to surprise the spouse by covering private pool in the villa with rose petals, in such cases we may have to arrange an import of shipment prior to arranging delivery to resort. Large quantities of rose and petals are usually not available to buy right away in local shops. A concierge who helps planning your Maldives holiday can address all such challenges and offer solution for your approval. Bespoke holidays are complex in nature at every tiny detail is important, even if it is a needle.

Medications And Adhoc Requests

If you are on a regular medication or taking some vitamin supplements we recommend that you bring them along while visiting Maldives. Healthcare facilities in Maldives are not advanced, most of the medicines come from India and there are many reasons dispute about the quality. Availability is also a factor. But, we understand that there can be situation where you need help from our Concierge to buy some medicines and send to you in airport or resort. Since we aim to provide a high level of personalised service we do offer assistance in such cases as well.

If you are bringing in frozen or chilled injections please ensure it is properly packed and that you have some documents to prevent to Maldives Customs to identify the items. If you have any prescription for such medical requirements that too would be useful to quickly clear it from Customs who otherwise may suspect it could be a prohibited narcotic. In most cases, guests who bring special medications such as injections are easily identifiable and gets cleared from Customs quickly. But, that may not be the case for every guest, especially people who look and young and healthy. Therefore, as a golden rule we always recommend to have doctor’s prescription and documents for Maldives Customs to identify the items and determine no illegal activity is involved.

Weather Related Changes To Travel Itinerary

In 2024 the month of April and May had some of the worst weather conditions in the recent history. Dubai was taken by surprise in April when a heavy downpour caused massive floods that led to cancellation of several flights as airport was also flooded. Some sources say that was the worst flood in 75 years. The capital of Maldives, Male’, occasionally gets flooded and that happened in May. However, not to unusual level. When there is bad weather it sometimes affect seaplane transfers, speedboat movements, domestic flights. International flights hardly get any affect. In Maldives we have observed rough sea conditions during which travelling by speedboat was delayed as government issued Yellow Allert. Small islands in the Maldives with very flat land often works in favour during heavy rainfall, the flood manages to find its way out to the sea. Resorts are required to have fire fighting equipment, in times of flood many resorts mobilize portable pumps to drain puddles and quickly return the island to pleasant conditions. Under our concierge service we offer assistance when flights and transfers are disrupted or delayed.

If you are on speedboat transfer that got delayed, based on estimated delay period, we may suggest and assist you to a day-use room near the airport. In such cases we keep direct communication with the resort and bring guests back to airport on time to the resumed transfer. In some cases you may also have to stay overnight and travel to resort the following day. Departing guests who have international flights to catch, possibly with multiple connections at different international airports, would want to explore every possibility to travel back to Velana International Airport. While resorts do explore multiple options in such cases, we as local travel company with years of experience, can get in touch with resort and explore further, sometimes by connecting to a travel from neighbour resort. Usually the conditions are that every resort would have several guests to assist and they seek suitable options that work for all guests. That will not be the case of travel companies, every agent may have few guests and some options available for a few could save you from lot of trouble and expenses. Our concierge service is tailored to walk the extra mile and assist our guests whenever possible and utilize our local experience and know-how of various facilities and practices. For example, at times of bad weather at Male’ Airport there could better conditions in the northern region. Experienced skippers usually know this well and use the information on their trips.
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