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The private island resort of Six Senses Laamu is the perfect choice for the vacationers who are looking for a heavenly tropical island in the Maldives. This luxury resort goes above and beyond to ensure its guests have a wonderful experience by focusing on the aspects of seclusion, privacy, luxury and the overall atmosphere.

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Being one of the most remote resorts as it’s the only resort in the southern Laamu Atoll along with the combination of luxury, sustainability and unique aesthetics that are crucial to the ethos of the brand, this private island hideaway is one that won’t disappoint. Guests who’ve visited and frequent this resort describe the retreat as the epitome of barefoot opulence and their service as top notch. The castaway dreaminess with organic Crusoe villas along with the unbelievable backdrop of the tropical paradise with the cerulean ocean, pink sunsets and silvery shores are sure to stimulate all six senses at Six Senses Laamu. Moreover, the resort also features what’s probably the biggest overwater structure that features multiple restaurants and facilities.

The resort is the only one on the island of Olhuveli as well as the only one in the atoll meaning the area is relatively untouched by tourism. The resort is on the smaller end when it comes to resort and the island itself is medium-sized, but there’s no other place in Maldives where you’ll feel this grand! There’s a gorgeous sandbank extension from the island, a turquoise lagoon that’s soothes the eye as well as an amazing house reef for world-class snorkeling. To get to this remote resort in a unique atoll, guests will need to embark on a domestic flight from the international airport to the domestic one in Laamu Atoll that lasts an hour and then take a 20-minute speedboat ride but rest assured, the long journey is worth it!

Focus on Sustainability and Sensitivity

Six Senses is a brand that’s a leader in the world of luxury tourism when it comes to environmental sustainability as well as responsibility to the local community. Six Senses Laamu takes part in The Maldives Underwater Initiative by partnering with the Manta Trust, Blue Marine Foundation and the Olive Ridley Project. The resort actively monitors and protects the coral reefs, seagrass and other creatures of the ocean. There’s also an Earth Hub that guests can opt to tour, where they organize community outreach programs and works towards self-sufficiency and minimal waste. The little waste generated is either recycled or disposed of through responsible means.


The resort features 97 Robinson Crusoe style villas that are heavy in woodwork with a focus on unique aesthetics and each one following a theme of rustic luxury. It’s quite impressive how the accommodation at Six Senses Laamu are so organic with it’s natural and sustainable materials while providing the utmost decadence at the same time. Seclusion, remoteness, coziness and luxury all in one package at every spacious retreat. Reviews describe the resort as one that has mastered the rustic luxury approach along with the fact that some guests didn’t even feel the need to leave their private enclaves on the private island. On top of that, there are an overwhelming number of different kinds of villas to choose from so the resort offers every type of accommodation for every type traveler.

With 3 jetties to cater to the numerous overwater villas and their many different variants as well as strips of beachfront picked strategically to provide the best views, the villas scattered throughout the island the lagoon can be categorized into the ones on the beachfront, and the villas overwater. Each villa follows the overall theme of rustic luxury and the only difference is the view, which is usually jaw-dropping regardless. The villas on the beach are all much larger than the private retreats that are perched on stilts.

For the beach enthusiasts who want to see the sparkling lagoon, there are 6 Lagoon Beach Villas and an additional 3 of them come with a private pool. There are also 8 Ocean Beach Villas facing the ocean side of the island as well as 3 Ocean Beach Villas with Pool. Additionally, for the larger groups and travelling families there are 5 Family Villas with Pool situated on the beachfront, a Two-Bedroom Lagoon Beach Villa with Pool as well as a Two-Bedroom Ocean Beach Villa with Pool.

six senses laamu water villa

The romantics who want to live their idyllic vacation dreams have the choice of three different water bungalows to choose from. These quintessential water huts that float above the crystal-clear lagoon will prove to be a delight for them. Each water villa features a sunken bathtub with an amazing view of the ocean and made from glass so you can see the marine life that pulses right below the floating retreats. The entry level water villas would be the 16 Lagoon Water Villas and Ocean Water Villas. Though there are no variants of the Lagoon Water Villas with a private pool, there 4 Ocean Water Villas with Pool.

Finally, for those who’re looking for accommodation even more special are the 12 Laamu Water Villas and the additional 8 variants that feature a private pool. Moreover, an option exclusive to the Laamu Water Villas is the choice to go for one with that’ll face unobstructed views of the pink and amber sunsets.

The Beachfront Villas

The villas situated in the greenery just a skip away from the shoreline are way more spacious covering a large area of 220 sqm. Both the Ocean Beach Villa and the Lagoon Beach Villa have the same design and overall look. Most resorts in Maldives have villas that look rustic on the outside but a sleek contemporary style for the interior, but that’s not the case at Six Senses Laamu. The interior is completely wood and wicker with gorgeous furnishing and simple but elegant design. The all-wood approach creates a charming idyllic atmosphere. However, most reviews describe the interior of these villas are great but not as mesmerizing when compared to the water villas. There’s a private upper deck that offers panoramic scenery of the island the ocean view you can dine as well as a viewing platform. The bathroom is chic and includes an outdoor bathtub and shower.

six senses laamu beach villa

From the outside, these accommodation options really do look like actual, ancient village huts. With the domed thatched roofs, wooden walls and screens along with a private garden, how can it not? Guests can appreciate the absolutely idyllic ambience while lounging in the daybeds in the garden or the huge sofas. There’s also a dining gazebo right outside and if you pick a villa that comes with a pool it’s slightly larger than the private pools you’d usually get in other resorts. Both villas offer private and exclusive access to a strip of beach but the Lagoon Beach Villa leads into the lagoon and the Ocean Beach Villa provides lovely views of the ocean.

The Family Beach Villa with pool have pretty much the same design but with two bedrooms and slightly larger at 253 sqm. It is the cheaper option for the traveling groups or families. The Two-Bedroom Lagoon Beach Villa with Pool is only a little bigger, consisting of two separate huts for bedrooms and a space for living and dining that connects them. The families who are looking to splurge a little and then some can opt for the massive Two Bedroom Ocean Beach Villa covering a staggering 730 sqm making it the largest and spacious accommodation at Six Senses Laamu. The living spaces are gigantic, there’s even a children’s room and both the bedrooms are huge.

Water Villas

When compared to the villas lined up on the beachfront, the water villas might be smaller in size covering a 108 sqm and the pool inclusive variants a 126 sqm but they make up for the size by awing you with its wonderful design and mesmerizing views. All three water villas have the same exact look and design and the only differences are the views that they offer. Lighter wooden textures and an extremely rustic ambience due to the whole villa being built with every natural material from wood to hessian to linen and thatch. These water bungalows come with an extensive outside deck where you have various options to lounge and laze around in. There’s the overwater hammock netting or the glass bottom tub. You can also appreciate the view in the comfortable upper deck of the Villa. If that’s not enough, they also feature glass overwater bathtubs and an outdoor rain shower. Don’t forget the fact that you can jump in for a swim or snorkel in the bright blue lagoon with direct access to the water.

lagoon water villa six senses laamu

There are three separate jetties fashioned from weathered timber to cater to the many water villas the resort features. Most of the Laamu Water Villas and their variants are located on the western-most Jetty A. All the Sunset Laamu Villas face the sunset side as well the ones with private pools while some are at the end of each Jetty. At the start of each jetty the Lagoon Water Villas line both the ends of jetty and the Ocean Water Villas are situated when the lagoon starts getting deeper towards the ocean.

Culinary Experiences

Six Senses Laamu goes above and beyond to create a fine dining experience that’s fit for kings and queens. In fact, the resorts main restaurant and a few other amenities are situated in a massive overwater facility and has a total of six restaurants and bars. Vegetables and herbs are grown on-site where possible and of course, the seafood is first-rate. Each restaurant and bar make no tradeoffs when it comes to the style, looks, service as well as the food. Some reviews have even been compared the food on par with even Michelle-starred establishments. Like every resort, Six Senses Laamu also offers special dining experiences as well as in-villa dining.

six senses laamu restaurant

Longitude: This restaurant, is situated right above the water and of two floors where you can have a bountiful breakfast. Dinner is in an la carte style with an international menu that ranges from Asian dishes to pastas as well as grilled meats and fresh catch. There’s an Asian street market every Friday and a Mediterranean on Tuesday. Moreover, dolphin sightings are pretty common here so keep your eye open.

LEAF: Customers favorite! Located right above the organic garden, talented chefs use local ingredients and fresh catch to create a constantly changing menu full of mediterrenian dishes. The resorts best restaurant for the extra fine dining experience with a charming atmosphere and lovely ambiance.

Sip Sip: With its sunken bar and adjacent poolside seating, emerges from the swimming pool and offers a great casual all day dining alternative. Homemade pizzas, crisp salads, juicy burgers, a variety of pasta and locally inspired desserts. Enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine while unwinding on a sun lounger during the sunset.

Zen is an eye-catching restaurant that features a live kitchen station which offers Japanese fusion cuisine with a modern twist. Guests can dine in a relaxed and casual atmosphere on the upper deck, while listening to the ocean waves in the background.

Chill Bar: Built over the water and on several levels, Chill Bar presents a resident DJ to set the mood every evening while mixologists prepare cocktails with the freshest ingredients. A Vietnamese menu is available throughout the day, along with the light beach classics. Every evening the resident DJ sets the ambient atmosphere by creating musical memories.

Chilli Table: Enjoy a five-course chili-based menu in the heart of the organic garden, surrounded by twelve types chili trees collected from around the world!

Altitude Wine Cellar: For the wine lovers, there’s a 6.4-meter-tall wine tower that rises from the ocean holding a massive collection of more than 420 old world and new world vintages. The Deli stocks imported European charcuterie and cheeses as perfect accompaniments.

Ice: The resort's very own room dedicated to ice-cream and chocolate where you can indulge and eat your heart out. Featuring 48 flavors of ice cream that range from tofu and wasabi to sour cream and watermelon.

Deck-a-Dence: The resorts most exclusive restaurant featuring a special wellness cuisine hosted by the hotels executive chef. There are six glass-bottom tables are set right above the waves where guests will experience a locally inspired zero-carbon dinner.

Six Senses Spa

The spa itself is a destination featuring nine treatment nests which are either overlooking the ocean or enclosed by the greenery of the island. Here, all six senses will truly be awakened with the locally inspired and Ayruvedic treatments, massages, fitness and yoga classes. All the products are natural and signature award-winning procedures and techniques are used.

Experiences and activities

Never let it be said that there is nothing to do in Maldives and especially at this resort. Six Senses Laamu lets it’s guets decide how much or how little they wan to do, but whenever they do, it’s made sure that the service will be super high-quality. So, go ahead and lose yourself in tropical paradise. Whether what you’re looking for is exploring uninhabited islands, meeting the locals, snorkeling the reefs, diving with mantas. When it comes to surfing, there is a world-class break called the Yin Yang so the resort is a perfect destination for a surfer as well.
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