Ocean Water Villa At Six Senses Laamu

31 MAY 2020
Scattered throughout all 3 jetties the Ocean Water Villas are beautiful retreats to marvel at the picturesque lagoon in the Six Senses Laamu. You have direct access to the sea and can enjoy a snorkel around the lagoon. A huge deck extends from the villa into the ocean and is secluded and shaded by a wooden structure with a thatched roof. These villas are priced at $1300 per night. However, the variant with the pool is more sought after with $2100 per night as the pool itself extends into the ocean to create a very unique, enchanting experience.Prices may vary based on season.

six senses laamu ocean water villa Photo: Ocean Water Villa - Six Senses Laamu

You have glorious views of the ocean and the best thing is you can appreciate both the sunsets and sunrises from a panoramic viewpoint at the treetop deck in comfort. These villas also feature a glass overwater bathtub with a view to the ocean plus an outdoor rain shower. For a special panoramic view of the ocean and. You can also Laze on the decking or on the overwater-netting hammock, soak up some sun and enjoy the beautiful colors of the ocean. During sunset, lay back on sun loungers or sit around the outside deck’s glass bottom table. Exterior and Interior.

ocean water villa Photo: Ocean Water Villa - Six Senses Laamu

A charming woody exterior with a thatched roof and a spacious deck with a glass bottom table facing the ocean, secluded and private, these villas also have the same chic rustic charm that perseveres throughout the resort. Everything seems to be facing the ocean, your white and plush king-sized bed, your glass bathtub and outdoor ocean.

six senses laamu water villa Photo: Ocean Water Villa - Six Senses Laamu

The texture and tones that cover the interior seem to be a bit darker and richer than the other villas. Therefore the atmosphere is just perfect to make memories with you loved ones you will never forget.

Six Senses Laamu

If you’re looking to have a luxurious vacation and just get away from it all, Six Senses at Laamu is the resort that aims to deliver just that. It’s a unique resort that’s located in a very special Laamu virgin atoll in the far south. Moreover, as it is the only resort in the atoll it is the closest thing to a secluded haven that any resort will ever get. To access this piece of perfect tropical paradise, one must take a 45 minute flight with Maldivian Airways to the atoll Domestic Airport of Kahdhoo and from there take a 20 minute speed boat ride. The lush medium sized pristine island of Olhuveli that the luxury eco-friendly resort is situated on is one that other resorts would envy.

six-senses-laamu Photo: Six Senses Laamu - Aerial view of the island

If the enthralling lagoon on one side with a rich house reef on the other wasn’t enough, there’s a gorgeous sandbank too! The three ingredients of the perfect Maldivian location. However, Six Senses goes above and beyond with their stunning villas the very definition of luxurious situated to make use of all the picturesque views. This article will explore all the different kinds of villas and which ones are the best for who. The best for couples, the best for families and the beset villa for the budget traveler and of course, the tourist favorites.

Other Accommodation Options

Not only do the 97 Villas strategically scattered throughout the island to make the most of the picturesque scenery the island has to offer, but the Villas themselves are mesmerizing by themselves with their distinct chic rustic design and lavish to the least. There are a variety of accommodation options to meet the expectations of every kind of tourist Luxurious water villas situated to face the mesmerizing sunset, beautiful villas on the beachfront, and even spacious family villas with a pool.

Let’s go into the details of each kind of villa available including their prices, view and design. When staying at Six Senses, the main choice you have to make is whether you want a Villa at the beach front, or one that’s overwater. However, there are 3 weathered jetties extending from the island into the lagoon that feature many distinct types of Villas which you will have to pick from. All the villas are spacious enough that they accommodate a max number of 4 guests, with the exception of two villas that can house 6 guests. So, we will start with the most expensive and luxurious villas built to house 4 individuals, and the priced mentioned are taxes inclusive and per night. With or without a pool? Your choice!

Almost every Villa in the resort has a variant with pool and variant without. So, before we start comparing these villas, we have to address this phenomenon. The variants with the villas are sometimes exponentially more expensive and both prices will be mentioned in each description. These villas are built for the very eccentric traveler who finds that the blue sparkling lagoon, the sunset and the stunning designed villa isn’t enough, it comes with its private pool just to go that extra mile. However, a lot of guests did comment that a pool with chlorinated water is not required as a swim in the blue lagoon is a much more appealing option.

Sunset Laamu Villa

Honeymooners favorite! Located on the further end of the weathered Jetty A of the rest are these private hideaways luxurious enough for a king and perfect for couples. This villa would be the most recommended both by the resort itself and guests that have visited to get the experience when compared to the other accommodation options. It offers the ultimate setting for its guests to enjoy an uninterrupted, unobstructed vista over the ocean. These exclusive retreats cost $1500 per night and the pool inclusive version a staggering $2500. What makes these 2 decked villas so sought after and so premium is that you can watch the sun dip over the picturesque horizon of the vast ocean and see the colors and hues come to life. It comes with its own outside deck that faces the sunset for you to lounge around on, either the overwater hammock netting or the glass bottom tub. You can also appreciate the view in the comfortable upper deck of the Villa. If that’s not enough, they also feature glass overwater bathtubs and an outdoor rain shower. Don’t forget the fact that you can jump in for a swim or snorkel in the bright blue lagoon with direct access to the water.

Although the view from the villa is its main selling point, the villa itself is quite stunning. In fact, many tourists claim that these are some of most beautiful villas they’ve ever vacationed in. Not only is that villa huge, it features a treetop deck on the top and has a very alluring woody and rustic theme throughout. Built with lightweight wood with attractive grains and textures and a thatched roof, it creates an idyllic atmosphere. The interior follows the theme and perfects the whole chic rustic look with it’s grainy furnishing and décor. The outdoor deck is both comfortable and gorgeous and guests have described lounging there as experiencing paradise.

Family Villa with Pool

As the name suggests, these lavish villas are built to house a whole family, specifically one with young children. These villas are the best options for the vacationing family. On the beachfront, hidden in the lush vegetation of the island, it has an upper deck with a panoramic view that’s both spacious and stylish. It comprises of a beach villa with the addition of separate living space/study that can accommodate up to two children with an adjoining bathroom. Along with a private pool, exclusive access to the beach is also available which not more than a few meters away.

Family Villa with Pool Photo: Family Villa with Pool

Moreover, you can appreciate the soft sea breeze in the open-air branch encircled shower or in the outdoor bathtub. For a unique panoramic view of Maldivian nature, sapphire seascape and for catching an unforgettable colorful sunset, you can just climb to the treetop deck which features a comfortable seating and dining area, suitable for spending some quality time together. Overall, this family enclave costs around $2400 and is definitely worth the price.

These beach villas also have a woody theme but with much lighter textures creating a cheery atmosphere. The whole villa looks as if it’s completely carved from wood with a thatched roof completing the idyllic look. Right outside villa is a deck with two sunbeds with umbrellas and next to it a pretty little pool. The interiors furnishing and décor takes the same chic rustic approach with light wooden textures and colors to soothe the eye.

Sunset Laamu Water Villa with Pool

These are the less popular cousins of the Laamu Sunset Villa. These are identical those, the only difference being where it’s situated. These villas are scattered throughout all 3 jetties and cost around $1400 and the pool inclusive variant would be $2300. These private hideaways are located further along the weathered timber jetties and offer ocean views. With direct access to the sea, you can jump in for a swim or for a snorkel around the lagoon or relax on the overwater netting hammock. Whether you want to soak up some sun or enjoy the beautiful colors of the ocean during the sunset you can sit back on the sun loungers or around the glass bottom table on the outside deck.

sunset-laamu-water-villa-with-pool Photo: Sunset Laamu Water Villa with Pool

As already mentioned when describing The Sunset Laamu Villa, these stunning villas feature the alluring rustic theme and goes above and beyond to perfect that look. A wooden structure with a thatched roof and idyll themed furnishing and décor, a vibrant atmosphere is created for you to cherish the memories you make with your loved ones.

Ocean Beach Villa

These beach villas are set right on the beachfront of the side island that faces the sunset with the shoreline beckoning just a few meters away, and a panoramic upper deck. The Indian Ocean offers stunning views from these sustainable and absolutely private beach villas, hidden between the lush tropical vegetation of the island. These private getaways cost $1750 (per night) with a pool and $1400 without. The pools don’t seem to be that important according to those who frequent here. There’s also another variant with two bedrooms and a pool costing a staggering $6300.

ocean-beach-villas-aerial Photo: Ocean Beach Villa

This villa also features an open-air and branch-encircled shower and an outdoor bathtub where you can relish the soft ocean breeze and enjoy the moment. There’s also a private garden area where you can laze and lounge around and don’t forget the sun loungers placed strategically between the sandy beach and your charming little hideaway.

ocean beach villa Photo: Ocean Beach Villa

If the overwater villas were magical, these beach villas are a completely different experience. Though following the same theme, it has an even more traditional and unique style and distinct atmosphere. It really does feel like an unreal idyllic haven from ancient times with the thatched roof and the villa literally made out of wood with rich textures. The interior with it’s rustic décor, colors and tones only add to the effect.

Lagoon Beach Villa with Pool

On the lagoons side of the beach, these stylish villas have the shoreline a few meters from your doorstep that directly leads to the lagoon with a treetop deck for dazzling and picturesque sunsets. These lovely beach villas are priced a $1200 per night and the ones with a pool are $1600. Moreover, there’s special lagoon beach villa with two bedrooms and a pool that cost $1500 per night.

Lagoon Beach Villa with Pool Photo: Ocean Beach Villa

Hidden between the lush tropical vegetation facing the lagoon, these stylishly sustainable Maldives beach villas offer absolute privacy. The beach is only a few meters away and sun loungers are placed strategically for sunshine and shade between the sparkling waters of the lagoon and the hideaway retreat.

With the setting of the lush greenery and the sparkling blue lagoon ahead, the rustic feel is really brought out by the complementary wooden structures and thatched roof. The rustic approach gives a very magical and almost otherworldly feel providing a very special experience. The interior is very simplistic and follows the same rustic approach creating a lovely atmosphere for its guests to cherish the moment.

Lagoon Water Villa

lagoon water villa six senses laamu Photo: Lagoon Water Villa - Six Senses Laamu

Enjoy the best of both worlds with these villas that’s situated at the very start of the jetties. Its close proximity to all the facilities and restaurants, the view of the scenic lagoon as well as the picturesque beach. Set above the shallow lagoon these villas offers an upper and lower deck along with a sunken bathtub all strategically placed to give you the best views possible. These charming and lavish villas are only $1100 per night, easily the cheapest accommodation at the resort. This is the best option for those with who want a cheaper accommodation.

lagoon water villa interior Photo: Lagoon Beach Villa with Pool

Compared to the wooden textures of the other villas, The Lagoon Water Villa features much a much more vibrant atmosphere due it’s much lighter tones and textures when approaching the rustic look. The classic thatched roof and wooden exterior and simplistic interior gives a very Maldivian feel.


Six Sense at Laamu has quite a variety of restaurants that are each distinct and equal well presented and managed. Leaf apears to be the favorite of most who visit the resort, the charming little restaurant perched above the organic garden that focuses on Vietna-Mediterranean. Zen is also quite the eye-catcher with its live kitchen station with exquisite Japanese fusion cuisine with a modernist twist. Longtitude is also well loved by customers, a handpicked a la carte restaurant featuring an open air dining space that serves fresh catch.

An honorable mention would be the Ice & Chocolate Studio, An al fresco ice cream and sorbet parlor with 40-plus, ever-changing flavors to tempt your taste buds. Enter the chilled Chocolate Studio to find chocolate truffles with cinnamon, green tea, lavender and mint.

There are two Bars, Chill Bar and Sip Sip. From the two, Sip Sip seems to be more preferred by those who frequent due to it’s homemade pizzas and grills. However, most comment that the Chill Bar is the spot they’d prefer to lounge around with one of their signature cocktails. The Lobster BBQ also appears to be the favorite of quite a few guests.

Wellness & Spa

There are nine uniquely designed treatment nests are dotted right on the beach or among lush landscaping where you can discover your dosha (body type) with Ayurveda, enjoy nourishing local treatments and restorative facials and nurture your soul with meditation and yoga in an open-air rooftop studio. Enhance your post treatment relaxation with a gut-loving and delicious smoothie at the Juice Bar. Additionally, they don't follow fads. This is about utilizing smart tech (and super smart experts!) to personalize a spa treatment or design a program to your particular needs. The spa facilities are as such:

• Welcome lounge with a retail area
• Nail Spa
• Consultation Room
• Nine treatment nests
• Fitness Center
• Rooftop Yoga Studio
• Juice Bar and relaxation area
• Steam room

Experiences and excursions

What you want to at Six Senses is up to you. As little, or as much. There are too many excursions to mention here separately but you can explore uninhabited islands, go island hopping, meet the locals and relax on secluded sandbanks. Snorkel in the coral-rich house reef rubbing fins with colorful fish. Dive the deep blue as early birds or night owls. Surf the Yin Yang. Or just hang.
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