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Velana International Airport is the main gateway to Maldives, it is located at Hulhule’ island. The capital Male’ (also written as Male or Maaley) is just 10 minutes from the airport. Day time flights landing and taking off at Velana gives you an amazing view of Male. Unlike other Maldives islands the capital is full of high rised buildings, people and vehicles. The economic hub of the Maldives is a busy place for everyone except tourists.

Most of the tourists visit Male’ on their way to departure. Seaplanes fly only in day time and most of the resorts offer transfer by seaplane. If your international flight is at night the seaplane transfer will take you to the airport in day time. This is a window of opportunity for most of the tourists. They chose to visit Male’ for setting foot on the capital ground, do sightseeing and enjoy the local foods while capturing last minute memories of the paradise republic.

If you are international flight is in day time you could always request an early departure at the resort. Seaplanes are schedule in accordance to international flights and they often combine passengers from different resorts. So, your early departure is always subject to availability. If you make your at the time of booking your holiday with the tour operator you stand much higher chances of getting an early departure.

Velana International Airport operates 24 hour ferry service. There is a ferry every 10 or 20 minutes, except late night after 00:00 hrs till 05:30 during which the ferries are not frequent. The ferry boats cost just $1 each way and takes 10 minutes. While you are on the way to Male’ you could a large high-rised flag waving in in the skylines, many of the tourist attractions are located there. When you walk past this flag and keep on the harbour-side road you will meet the fish market and local market. The flag site is park called Jumhooree Maizan (or Jumhooree Maidan). Hundreds of pigeons come to this place in the morning and afternoon, tourists love to feed them and take pictures. Next to the park is the grand mosque, there is a notice for non-muslim tourists that forbid getting inside without being covered in Islamic way. If you are accompanying a tour guide he may provide you sarong and scarf in the afternoon hours when it is allowed for tourist visits.

artificial male beach

The harbour-side road towards east takes you to Male’ Artificial Beach. Many people regard Male’ as a concrete jungle, few places like the Artificial Beach gives you a feel of tropical nature. On the west side of Male’ there is Rasfannu beach, but the artificial beach more attractive if you want to swim or enjoy the beach. Rasfannu has little huts and traditional benches to enjoy the views rather than getting to swim.

There are many restaurants throughout Male city. Citron on the sea side overlooks the airport, it takes only couple of minutes to walk from the ferry point. Next to Citron is Dolphin View café. Both are idea for dining at any time of the day or just chill with some drinks.

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