Saudi Prince Visiting Maldives For His $8m Private Party

11 JUNE 2015
11 June 2015: Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and many other top celebrities are arriving Maldives, not for holiday but to entertain a client on holiday in Maldives. A high profile Saudi prince has booked Velaa Private Island for a private party. Most of the celebrities set to perform on this event still remain unknown. It has been rumoured that prince spent $8m to book entire resort and more for the performance.

pitbull maldives
Photo: Pitbull in Maldives

At a time there is this extravagant party on Velaa Private Island the neighboring Chevalblanc Randheli is also welcoming some of the celebrities. Many locals are sarcastic as it could be part of the party on Velaa Private Island. But the question is, are the 43 villas on Velaa already occupied? In that case, yes, some of the celebrities and support services personnel may have to be based in another close location. But, this is no ordinary party.

South Korean rapper Psy who is most famous for his blockbuster song “gangnam style” and Pitbull have already arrived Maldives. Shakira is expected arrive within a couple of days with her husband PK and son Milan.

Last year, then Prince Saud Bin Abdulaziz, now King of Saudi Arabia, booked entire 3 resorts for his holiday in Maldives. That was not all, there were many security personnel, private yacht and a floating medical facility with some of the world’s top specialists.

pitbull maldives
Photo: Trans Maldivian staff leads Pitbull to seaplane while Mr.Shiyan (in white) the Airport Representative of Chevalblanc Randheli follows him behind
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