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There are over 120 resorts in Maldives and the link in menu give you a glance of 90 resorts on one page. We like to keep our homepage clean, easiest way to find information is to search. If you have questions check out the forum. We are most active on forum and answer questions as much as possible. If you have never been to Maldives before take a look at Maldives Map With Resorts, Airports And Local Islands that has frequently asked questions answered.

Kuramathi Is Your Ideal Family Holiday Resort

If you are planning a family holiday in the Maldives Kuramathi is one of the best to stay. Kuramathi in general is a four star resort with taste of five star options. Based on Maldives size Kurumathi is large island that [...]

What Are They Doing With This Whale Shark?

Looking at the pictures, you think they are trying to catch the whale shark or to save it? Since this happened in Maldives it would not be hard to figure out. If it was Japan it wouldn't take long before it gets slaughtered to [...]

I Was All Alone On My First International Flight

First time I boarded a flight was about two decades back. It was an international fight to India and I was alone. To be honest I was not comfortable at the beginning. My friends had told me that I should not be uncomfortable about[...]

Guest Converts Bathtub To A Fish Tank. How He Caught Fish Is Unthinkable.

When the host shows you the villa do you expect to hear that bathtub should only be used for bathing? In a recent incident Chinese guest claimed he was never told not to put fish in bathtub. This happened after Room Attendant [...]

JA Manafaru Becomes The Best Resort In The Maldives

Just days after we announced a tough battle going on between the top two JA Manafaru wins the race and becomes the best resort in Maldives. This is first time Manafaru became the best on the daily updated resort ranking [...]

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