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There are over 120 resorts in Maldives and the link in menu give you a glance of 90 resorts on one page. We like to keep our homepage clean, easiest way to find information is to search. If you have questions check out the forum. We are most active on forum and answer questions as much as possible. If you have never been to Maldives before take a look at Maldives Map With Resorts, Airports And Local Islands that has frequently asked questions answered.

Essential Gadgets For Your Maldives Holiday

Smartphone cameras have advanced remarkably over the past couple of years. I use my Samsung Galaxy S7 which has a great camera. Prior to this I was using Galaxy S6 Edge. The main resort I updated was the camera quality. For [...]

Maldives Cuts Political Ties With Qatar. Economic Ties Still Exist.

Government of Maldives has recently announced that it has cut political ties with Qatar. The decision came after Saudi Arabia broke political ties with Qatar on grounds of suspicion that Qatar helps Iran and Hezbollah group of [...]

Rihaakuru Tin That Fell On London Heathrow Airport Escalator

BLOG: Maldivians were not internet savvy at that time. For many students who go abroad it is their first international trip. Before you go you have no idea about the place, especially the kind of food in town. Maldivians are used [...]

My Samsung Galaxy S7 Almost Started A Fire, Changed My Habit.

BLOG: Last year Samsung recalled their Galaxy Note 7 series of phones worldwide. Ever since then there has been reports that smartphones are catching fire. There has been reports that some of the iphones have also caught fire, [...]

Student Trip To The Maldives

It is well known the Maldives is popular for honeymoon holiday, annual couple holidays and solo trips to witness the beautiful nature of the country. But, have you ever heard of student trips? It is not very common at present [...]

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