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The government of Maldives has recently announced sale of 17 new islands and Alikoirah is a perfect fit to develop a private retreat. It is a tiny patch of pure paradise located in Alifu Alifu atoll which is one of the closest locations to Velana International Airport currently available acquire by the investors. The land size being small it has a drastically low acquisition cost compared to most of the other islands on sale. In addition to acquisition fees the government also charger a premium for location. Since Alikoirah (Alikoi Rah) is some of the prime spots the premium is among the highest. This tiny paradise waiting for its new owner has a gorgeous beach around and crystal clear waters.

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Most of the islands in Maldives have white sandy beach, but also some rocky conditions at different spots. But, Alikoirah is different, soft sand envelopes from all directions. The circular shape allows free movement of sea currents that play a vital role in the ecosystem. No part of the lagoon has stagnant water as sea currents and waves function gently in the shallow lagoon. There is a natural reef all around the island to give protection while enriching the biodiversity that may attract scuba divers and snorkelers.

Resorts that lack house reef usually gets affected by soil erosion. During the monsoon changes the sea currents and waves cause beach to erode at some locations and move to another part of the island. This beach shifting process sometimes cause part of sand being taken back to lagoon and hence beach becomes small over time. When that happens the only option to replenish the beach is to use sand pumps, some resorts have to do that every few years, few resorts resorts have to every year and sometimes multiple times. Maintaining an attractive beach sometimes is costly, in most island in Maldives it is something granted by nature for free.

Islands that do no have natural house reef often erect water breakers and concrete barriers to control movement of sand around the beach. This is partly a solution. When nature takes care that is the best solution and it is the case in Alikoirah. Movement of sand is a natural phenomenon in which waves and sea currents wash tiny grains of sand before forming back at another location. This non-stop ritual makes the beach whiter, softer and more appealing. Some clutters coming from coral that gets washed up on beach may often get eaten up by crabs that usually wake up at night and sleep inside the sand during day time. The balance of nature is perfect. When human being want to enjoy beach during the day the crabs are no where to be found. In dead of the night they wake up and clean the beach for the next day. Nature is amazing. Alikoirah is could be the world’s stunning private island retreat if developed sustainably with modern luxury features.

Alikoirah - Google Maps

You could either build one villa with multiple bedrooms or have few separate villas facing different directions, each with private pool. For maintaining the island there should be some staff accommodation and utility building with sound proof generator. In most of the Maldives resorts the support facilities are either location on centre of the island or at one end. Since Alikoirah is so small it may be ideal to have it at one end, to keep distance from guest accommodation. Even soundproof generators make some noise, so keeping distance would be an important considering while planning to develop Alikoirah. A small harbour will also be needed to keep speedboats readily available for guest transfers and leisure activities such as Dolphin Watching or Sunset Cruise. Harbour can be located close to Staff Accommodation and Utility Centre.

Among the 17 islands opened for lease by the government there some lagoons and sandbanks as well, Alikoirah is not the only small island on the list. The second best option is a sandbank in Vaavu Atoll which is also close to Male and Velana airport. But, the sandbank does not have a natural house reef and lagoon is very small and deep. Shallow lagoons help protect beach from erosion while giving the natural charm of Maldives at its best. Snorkeling and diving are the most popular leisure activities among tourists.

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