Proposal Writing Service For Acquiring Maldives Island

18 JUNE 2024
Earlier in June 2024 the government of Maldives announced a new batch of islands to be sold for private investors and invited interested parties to submit proposal. Unlike bids, proposal method is complex in nature especially when competition is high. Out of the 17 islands some are very attractive in investment perspective, mainly because of location advantages. European tourists visiting Maldives spend at least 10 hours on long haul flights, extra hours on connecting flights and airports. After reaching the destination country they want to quickly escape in to the paradise. So, location is a major factor to consider while buying an island. On top of the extra time it takes to travel from the nearest international airport it is also costly.

We are pleased to announce that Maldives Finest offer proposal writing service for investors who would like to buy island in Maldives. Our experience in tourism industry spans for over 20 years which also includes sale of resort, in addition we also experienced in hotel management and operations. Our prime business on Maldives Finest is currently high-end holiday service.

Understanding Sustainability

Few years back a new luxury resort welcomed their first guests and quickly caught attention of top international medias for its unique architecture and concept. It did not take long to get featured on Forbes and CNN. It was immensely successful. But, after few years the crystal clear lagoon turned to a pitch of seagrass, it attracts turtles and other marine species but to many the clear water was more appealing. The resort still attracts tourists as many positive elements such as the distinctive architecture and culinary portfolio remains strong. But, it is apparent that the island is not so charming as it used to be during the initial years. The investor who had other properties in Maldives and experience of 20 years having made a costly miscalculation in sustainability indicates complexity of the field. A miscalculation in sustainability could turn a successful business to bankruptcy.

Seagrass is not the only challenge in Maldives for investors in tourism sector. All elements of nature are important to pay attention. In another resort there were 30 water villas with pool. The resort was built by one of the most experienced location companies. The infinity pools that were elevated above water surface comes very close to water during high tide. Gentle waves get in contact with pool structure at the bottom. After several years, small vibrations caused by waves damaged bottom floor of all pools in water villas. Very minute factor impacted the investment after many years. More attention has to be paid for sustainability to prevent loss.

Market Segments

We have had guests who were interesting buying a villa to own as a second home. The buyer wanted to keep the villa as a holiday home to visit few times every year and rent it to tourists when not in use. This model is available for villa ownership. For islands, one of the potential buyers who approached us discussed of building an exclusive private island for personal use. Renting to others is a factor the owner could decide later, usually depending on how often you plan to stay at the private island. This is not a new segment any more. We are also offering this kind exclusive private holidays, we have multiple islands price between $45,000 - $95,000 per night.

In general tourism market there are beach villas, side by side, all around the island except small areas for restaurant and watersports centre. Arrival jetty and supply jetty has to be strategically located in a away that would not affect guests villas and at the same time it also depends on lagoon and reef locations. In this type of niche the investors seeks to build as many villas as possible at lower costs.

One of the growing trend is building few private villas with multiple bedrooms and luxury facilities such as restaurants. This branch of high-end tourism needs a lot of dining facilities to offer new experiences to guests. Having multiple bedrooms would attract families. Privacy is a very important element for couple who book 1-bedroom villas. Each villa should be distant from others. Infinity pool that overlooks the beach or lagoon should have privacy without blocking too much from view. Professional landscaping makes a big impact for overall appeal of the hotel.

Competing With Other Buyers

This is a price-fixed sale, not an open call to sell off the islands to highest bidder. For every island the Ministry Of Tourism has set a fixed price, on top of that there is a premium charged for location. These are fixed costs. Since the ministry is set to select the best proposal and multiple parties are expected to complete, your proposal should include components to attract government’s interests. You can include to contribute in various sectors and development progammes committed by the government during the Presidential Election and Parliament Election. Maldives being made up of tiny islands the basic necessities are required to every residential island. These include schools, hospitals, harbours etc. Many islands also face beach erosion and environment related challenges that need investment to facilities. You can either commit to contribute financially under Corporate Social Responsibility or carryout the actual work.

These some basics that would be required for to compile a proposal to buy an island in Maldives under the current opening. All parties are expected to include different ways to contribute to the country. Our local experience enables us to understand all aspects, the government as well as local communities. Carrying out such projects in a cost-effective manner is another advantage for investors that seek submission of proposal through us. We offer a total solution that includes acquisition of island and development. Building a resort (50 – 100 rooms) usually takes about 18 months. If you are unaware of reliable parties and how to efficiently manage project the resort could take 4 years for development. Not completing tasks on time by local companies is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Interested parties are welcome to contact us to negotiate further.

Most Expensive Island Available For Sale

Buying directly from the government is the cheapest method to own your dream paradise. But, if you would like to purchase the best or the most expensive island we have prospective private owners who may be willing to sell theirs and we have estimated the price for you. Please note that some of these are not officially on sale in anyway. But, in our experience we consider several factors and project the possibility of a sale happening and estimated price tag. In case of the 3 islands in massive lagoon we communicate directly with the owner, in fact we have already some discussions and there is some understanding we have established. Therefore, we are just waiting for the right investor to approach us and we would like to learn about the concepts or business strategies. You can also acquire it through us and develop on your own, but that method involves high risks on your side, such as project not getting completed on time or material used are not of high quality to withstanding in tropic climate of Maldives. But, the decision ultimately rests in the hands of investors.

Consult With Us
Consult with us to buy Maldives island directly from the government or already leased island from private owners. We also offer consultancy in other tourism related fields such as sustainability, land reclamation, environmental impacts etc. With over 20 years of island experience we can help you avoid mistakes made by other investors.
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