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There are over 120 resorts in Maldives and the link in menu give you a glance of 90 resorts on one page. We like to keep our homepage clean, easiest way to find information is to search. If you have questions check out the forum. We are most active on forum and answer questions as much as possible. If you have never been to Maldives before take a look at Maldives Map With Resorts, Airports And Local Islands that has frequently asked questions answered.

Luxury Maldives Resort Introduces Ice Skating

Ice skating may be the last thing you will think of when you are in the Maldives. A country that is sunny all year round and had never experienced a shred of snow in the past has just opened its first ice rink at Jumeirah [...]

Spiritual Healer Asks Jinn About The Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

In November 2016 I wrote to Sheikh Ben Halima requesting to question some jinn about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. I did not get any reply. Almost one and half years later, earlier today, I sent him a second [...]

Islands Of Maldives – Everything You Should Know

Many people regard Maldives islands as some of the few remaining wonders of the world. Maldives is not the only country that has white sandy beaches. But, what makes Maldives so unique and popular? There are many factors and [...]

Unknown Bollywood Figure Books Entire Maldives Resort

An unknown Bollywood figure has booked an entire Maldives resort for an upcoming private event. That's not all, several villas in near by resort are also reserved. Invitees are due to arrive on 14 March. The luxury resort that is [...]

Nothing Is Better Than Something. Nothing Teaches You Life Lessons.

I have long been thinking about this proverb. I like seeing some proverbs whenever I get online on social media. "Something is better than nothing" is so common, but it has failed to convince me. I tell you the reason. [...]

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