Temperature Gets Record High In The Maldives

17 Mar 2016: Maldives is currently going through highest temperatures of the decade. The island chain known as the sunny side of life is turning to get too much sun. The highest temperature usually remains at 32 degrees Celsius and going beyond that is extremely rare. If it did reach that high it would not last long.

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In February 2016 Maldives recorded its highest temperature at 35 degrees Celsius. That was all time high for the last 18 years. How many days the temperature rose to record high remains uncertain.

Followed by the highest recorded temperature of nearly two decades the month of March is also going through a hotter period. Some days temperatures are reaching 33 degrees Celsius. The sunny side of life usually have a highest of 31 degrees that occasionally fall to 32. The current highest of 33 is unusually high and people are feeling the hot dry season of the Northeast monsoon.

An announcement issued by Maldives Meteorological Service said the recent high temperatures were caused by global warming, toxic fumes and sea level rise that strengthen an El Nino.

Meteorological department warns temperature on the month of April will be higher than usual but dismisses that there will not be any catastrophic condition.

Back in 1998 Maldives recorded the highest temperature till date at 30.4 degrees Celsius. In 2016 30 - 31 degrees in the mid-day sun is normal.


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