Velaa Private Island The Top Luxury Destination

Velaa Private Island of Maldives has been listed as one of the top luxury destination to visit by Travel Plus Leisure magazine recently. Velaa has already been a destination for lots of panjandrums including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Saudi Princes. Therefore, a quick sneak peak to this luxurious island is a must now to know how inimitable the whole place is paralleled to others.

velaa island

Velaaa is located in northern area of Maldives at Noonu Atoll and they give utmost priority to the privacy of their tourists as well as to spectacle the distinguished beauty of Maldives and its coeval culture. The name “Velaa” symbolizes the circular island’s history of being a haven for hatch and nests their eggs for years. Even the spectacular designs and the magnificent Villas are influenced by the patterns of turtle shells.

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Velaaa has its exquisite Villas which offer a belonging nous with outdoor space as well. For all the Villa categories Velaa offers private pools which enhances the tourists’ seclusion at all levels. Moreover, in some Villas, the amenities could be customized based upon the needs of the tourists such as including private gyms, library or splendid high ceiling. Velaaa has been hailed for its supreme customer services by its tourists as taking “zero-waiting” time, displaying utmost professionalism as well as being remarkably approachable.

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The island is also a good diving point and offers a private Semi-Submarine to sightsee the beautiful underwater gardens of Velaa Private Island. It also offers 6-hole golf courses as a superfluous activity which would be suited for the luxury holidays the tourists are anticipating to spend at the island. They even offer tennis court, squash court as well as volley ball courts. Apart from that, the Yoga Pavilion at the island promises the tourists’ inner peace with personal trainers at a raised-tree meditating platform.

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For a "perfect holiday" to be whole, Velaaa offers the best local and international dishes to content their visitors which the majority of the visitors considers to be world-class. Tavaru Tower, the centerpiece of the island in ivory-white structures a Teppiyanki housing is the favorite of the visitors. It has a 30 page wine listing for the wine lovers as well as the live cooking which combined gives a quintessential experience for the visitors. It also offers In-Villa dining for those who wants solitude at their relaxing Villas. The accosted about the In-Villa dining is, not having to stick to the menu. Moreover, the Destination Dining offers the visitors the pleasure to dine at different places on and off the island with the menu and entertainment of their own choice.

beach pool villa dining

Therefore, it is not a wonder that this exquisite place on the heavenly Maldives is considered as a “must-visit-place” by the Travel plus Leisure Magazine. The sumptuousness Velaaa provides is indeed is enjoyable and congenial.


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