The Machine That Switches You On At Velaa Private Island

Out of the 4 machines in the whole world Velaa Private Island managed to grab one to enhance their spa services. The machine is called Wolke 7 Cloud 9. Its looks more like cyberspace science fiction that brings back the dead alive or heal wounds instantly if not teleporting you to another world. Despite the look, it actually gives you a therapy with sound, lights and motion. What is so special about this system is its effectiveness to change your mood almost instantly.


Invented by a Viennese researcher and artist, Sha, the Wolke 7 Cloud 9 gives therapy through stimulating the senses through light, mental acoustics , motion and 3D visuals.

Production is limited to 111 units only and Velaa Private Island is currently having the 4th and the only one in Maldives. A single units costs around US$10m and only the very top of the luxury hotels would have this enhancement.


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