I Want This Turkish Coffee In Maldives

Coffee made of elephant poop is there in Maldives but Turkish coffee that is definitely more drooling seems nowhere around. If you want to try the elephant poop coffee it costs around $50 for a small cup. Turkish coffee is not only cheaper, it is not poop of anything.

turkish coffee
Black Ivory Coffee was introduced in 2012 by Anantara Resorts and it costs around $50 for a single cup. One of the most expensive coffee brand feeds coffee beans to elephants. Once pooped out they collect it and do whatever before being packed with high price tag. The name is Black Ivory Coffee, more realistic name would be Elephant Poop Coffee.

coffee on sand

To make Turkish Coffee you don’t need to utilize an animal, you need a pan to heat sand and a pot with handle, some water and of cause coffee powder itself. Turkish coffee power is grinded extra fine, finer than espresso. In the brewing process the hot sand heats up the pot containing grinded coffee mixed with water. When froth is about to over flow the pot is taken out to cool down a little and once again the pot goes back to hot sand. After couple of frothing the coffee is ready to pour to the cup bit by bit.

Once you have enough in the cup it is time to enjoy your authentic Turkish coffee. But, watch out for the sediments. Unlike other coffees this one come with some sediments in the bottom. It is like a thick paste, not power.

The art of making Turkish coffee. Now, you want poop coffee or Turkish coffee? Share with your comment
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