Amazing Tree House Villa At Shangrila Maldives

The only luxury resort in a one-of-a-kind heart-shaped atoll offers a very unique accommodation option where you can stay in a tree house. Outdoor living is the only way to describe these wonderful villas full with open areas and large doors letting the in the mesmerizing views of the ocean in a setting that can be only described as tranquil. Standing on stilts and hidden among the tropical vegetation, these villas aren’t special just because of the view but it's design and architectural flair is quite impressive as well. With the chic rustic style in combination with luxury and opulence in a spectacular backdrop, your stay at these treehouses will me unforgettable.


So, what makes this villa so great? Firstly, even on the way to this villa, it literally feels like you’re in the jungle. Open a large wooden door and there’s a charming private garden with a path that leads you to the stairs that takes you up to your villa. A completely different vibe and atmosphere when compared to the archetypal water villas that are so common in the resorts at Maldives. The stairs take you to the upper deck where you’re going to be mind-blown by the outdoor oriented design. The thatch roofs on top of the bedroom and living room is extended to give shade while you laze around on the huge daybed on the deck or help yourself to some snacks by the dining gazebo. The total area the villa covers is 218 sqm and most of that, a whopping 131 sqm is dedicated to the exterior. There’s no need for wooden screens to give you privacy on the deck and you really do feel like you have the whole island to yourself. There are two sun loungers by the large infinite pool that’s right on the edge of the deck, so you can let the amazing views of the beach and the vast Indian Ocean soak in while you bask in the pool. If that isn’t enough for you, then head to the living room where you can access a private cabana, shaded by both the thatched ceiling and secluded the vegetation.


Though what makes this villa so amazing is the astounding use of the outdoor living concept capitalizing of the views that the island has to offer, that doesn’t mean the interior is any less impressive. The interior design has a charming but sleek design with a dark wooden floor, tones of light brown and cream on the walls and ceiling. With the huge ceiling to floor window right Infront of that bed, there’s nothing better than waking up to that enthralling view. There’s also the bathroom, connected to the bedroom with an oversized bathtub and outdoor jungle showers as well as the normal shower. Moreover, the living room is not connected to the bedroom and bathroom and is situated separately on the left with everything a private living space needs. Chairs, a table and sofa to laze around on along with a flatscreen and a bar. So, grab a drink for the bar and head down the cabana and spoil yourself!

The Island

When the giant luxury brand Shangri-La got decided to take a shot at carving their own luxurious haven in tropical paradise, they built a resort on an island of superlatives. Almost 3 kilometers long and covering 12 hectares, Villingili island that is home to a private resort with the largest natural point in all of the Maldives, Mt. Villingili. If that weren’t enough superlatives for you, note that the resort along with being the only 5-star resort in the Addu Atoll, it is also the southernmost luxury resort in Maldives. The only golf course in Maldives is also located at this beguiling resort.

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Most resorts in Maldives are situated on small, private islands but the island of Villingili being so massive multiplies the feeling of seclusion and privacy. The island is just 5 minutes away via speedboat from International Gan Airport, though you’ll have to take an hour-long flight from the main gateway in at the airport near the capital. Addu is the second largest and most populated atoll in the Maldives and offers a unique insight into the local culture and history and due to the nature of the atoll, the resort is in close proximity with the local islands. To truly experience this side of Maldives, explore the local islands around this unique heart-shaped atoll beyond the equator. You can also take the eco-tour of the island, where you can visit the three natural lakes within the island as well as Mt. Villingili. There’s no erosion on the island and the house reef is quite the spectacle with pristine coral gardens and untamed marine life.

More Accommodation Choices

The tree houses at Shangri La Villingili are only a few of the amazing accommodation at this luxury resort. There are 132 total villas, all very high standard each coming with every luxury, comfort and private pool that you’d expect from a 5-star property. The most popular as well the most numerous villa type at the resort is of course the Water Villas. There are 60 of these water villas stylishly laid out on two separate lagoons extending from two points of the island. These spacious water villas covering around a 166 sqm will give you one of the best overwater experiences in the Maldives with a large pool, outdoor shower, huge deck and a hammock just hanging over the water. There are 15 entry-level Pool Villas and 16 Deluxe Pool Villas located inside the island.


The 13 quintessential Beach Villas line the calm shoreline of the island to for the beach-lovers who want to unwind in both luxury and style. There are also 10 Double Bedroom Beach Villas for the traveling groups and families. Finally, for the high rollers, there’s the Villa Muthee covering a staggering 570 sqm and the ultimate indulgence Villa Laalu, covering almost a 1000 sqm.

Dining Facilities

As a Shangri La’s property, the resort is bound to give you the finest dining experience, ensuring that every palate is pampered. So head to Javvu, set right next to the Arrival Jetty near the poolside. It’s the main restaurant and serves an international buffet with a diverse selection and spread of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is where every guest has breakfast and they even have a special buffet just for kids. Head to the part of the island that looks like it’s being squeezed by the ocean and you can’t miss Dr Ali’s. This is probably almost everybody’s favorite and South East Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian dishes is served. Open only for dinner, have a romantic fine dining night either indoors or outdoors. Want a more formal dinner? Fashala is on the northern tip of the island on one of the few day they open and help yourself to the seafood that they specialize in. The interior of the restaurant itself is mesmerizing, made from natural wood with high ceilings and dim lights. Then there’s the M-Lounge which is an outdoor bar with a contemporary design, perfect for enjoying a sunset listening to the live band. The magical part is when the boduberu (traditional Maldivian song and dance) performance starts after sunset. A more relaxed, rustic bar is Manzaru where the Swaying palm trees cast their shadows across stone columns, and colonial lounge furniture adds to the tropical ambience. Finally, there’s the tailored dining experience for that special occasion.

Other Facilities To Make Your Holiday Wonderful

The Villingili Golf is of course the pride of the resort which was designed and managed by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. This nine-hole golf course includes par three and par four holes, averaging 112 metres in length. It is a recreational course designed for the enjoyment of golfers and beginners alike where you can enjoy the challenging sport in an enthralling setting. Who knew that you could golf in paradise?

shangrila marine life

If you’re in the Maldives, and you haven’t enjoyed at least one of the thrilling water activities, then have you really been to Maldives? In the unique Addu Atoll, diving is a must as there are reefs and coral gardens that are one of the only ones in the world undamaged by the global coral bleaching wave El Nino. So, head to the dive center regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert and explore the underwater world that is an aquatic treasure trove awaiting to be discovered. Addu Atoll is a heaven for divers and anyone curious about the underwater world with over 25 world-class dive locations in close proximity from the hotel. The most famous dive sites are the famous British Loyalty Shipwreck, Manta Point and Farru Farru.

There’s also the he resort's reef care project is focused on replanting fragmented corals to regenerate reefs and marine life. Guests can snorkel to the coral nursery located at Serenity Bay to plant the corals underwater. More than 300 pieces of coral have been planted there. Furthermore, for the thrill seekers, there’s every water watersports activity available ranging from the different kinds of surging to fishing jet skiing. Fitness fanatics can go to the health club with the gym equipment and saunas. There are also jogging trails and bicycle trails. The resort also offers excursions to the nearby islands, sandbanks or go dolphin cruising. Not to forget the CHI Spa, that’s located in its own garden the pavilions overlooking the ocean. Finally, there’s a fully equipped kids’ area and as the island is big, lots of room for them to run free.
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