Ever Wonder Why Sandbanks Do Not Have Trees?

Once I was travelling on a speedboat with some guests. After some travel we came across a sandbank. One of the guests asked me why people do not plant trees on sandbank. You may think it is because the soil is too salty for tree to grow. But, there are trees that grow in sandy sand. What is the reason?

maldives sandbank proposal

Sandbanks are baby islands. The smaller ones submerge at high tide. Little bit bigger sandbanks that do not submerge moves its location seasonally. In many cases, especially if the sandbank is surrounded by a large lagoon, the movement of sandbank is quite drastic. It could go hundreds of metres away from its location. If someone plants a tree in such a place that tree will be in sea once the sands are gone. Without sand it would not stand, current and waves would take the tree away.

sandbank with birds

Movement of sandbank is an amazing natural phenomenon. When season changes the grains of sand starts eroding at one side. Waves push this sand to another location and it starts reforming.

bride on sandbank

During the process these tiny grains of sand gets washed and polished by the waves. Nature's has its own of cleaning itself and when you wash every single grain of sand that is the pinnacle of cleanliness. Behind breath-taking beauty of sandbanks is something that is mind boggling even to think about. Nature is so meticulous and it does not need electricity or a workforce. I bet most people don't have a clue on this, that is how discrete it is in its work.
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