Tea Tree Oil Is Now Available At Fezz Maldives. Call 9920600.

Along with many herbal products Fezz Goodness Maldives has started selling Tea Tree Oil. They offer free delivery to Male City and Hulhumale or even to boat if you are living in other islands. This beauty product has countless uses but even though it is mostly used for facial treatments such as removing scar or lifting up dents. Now let’s take a look at more benefits of this expensive ingredient.


Kills germs and used as hand sanitizer

Some researches have shown that insects don’t like surfaces and objects with Tea Tree Oil applied on them. This is the first clue that it has anti-bacterial properties. It does not completely eliminate insects and there is a great reduction of their attraction. After all it is not a pesticide, it is beauty ingredient that is 100% natural. Known to have countless benefits to the skin, it is sometimes used as hand sanitizer too.

Anti-inflammatory properties enable it to use on minor cuts and bruises

Cuts on the skin could be exposed to germs and bad bacteria if there is nothing applied on it. Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It may not be the best product for cuts but applying tea tree oil helps curing the would better and it also acts are natural serum that keeps skin hydrated to allow skin grow itself while preventing infections. For better results the Tea Tree Oil can be mixed to Coconut Oil and applied on the cut twice daily.

Fights acne and helps healing

Researches have shown Tea Tree Oil helps fight acne in its curing process and reduces the overall severity and redness on the skin. You can mix Tea Tree Oil with Rose Water and apply on the pimple and keep it moist for quick relief.


Tea Tree Oil is among the expensive beauty ingredients. Lesser and more common products include Aloe Vera Gel or Sandalwood Powder. All these products are common in beauty products and is available in the Maldives. Fezz Goodness is specialized in herbal and natural products, you can buy this oil from them. They offer free delivery to Male’ and Hulhumale’ or boat.
Call +960 9920600 to order.
Price: Some sellers offer 10ml for MVR250. Fezz offers 30ml for MVR290.

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