Moringa Leaf Omelette For Your Healthy Diet

Moringa Oleifera trees are native to Maldives and you can find this in almost all local residential islands. Health enthusiasts call this the tree of life as it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. If you want a natural source of calcium, potassium and iron the moringa leaves would be a great choice. While some researches suggest that moringa seed oil is a good substitute for olive oil the Maldivians do not make or consume its oil.

moringa leaf omelette
Left: moringa leaf omelette with Maldivian organic egg. Right: moringa leaf omelette with commercial egg.

Moringa leaf omelette is popular local dish among families. The leaves are very tiny, separating them is a time consuming job. So, this authentic Maldivian dish is not available in local restaurants or resorts. Some resorts offer lunch with local families as an excursion, on that trip you may get to taste moringa omelette. Moringa leaves enrich the flavour making it tastes better than plain omelette. Wholesome of amazing health benefits makes this Maldivian dish an ideal choice for people on diet. It can be a regular part of your daily meals, especially your breakfast.


Egg dishes from boiled egg to omelette or cakes taste great, eggs are part of our daily life. But, how many of us knows that commercial eggs from supermarket shelf comes with genetic modification? Many health experts believe organic foods are far more healthy, but less efficient in business perspective. The brown one on the picture is an organic egg I got from my mom's chicken cage. She keeps few chickens in the backyard to get eggs enough for the family. She feeds waste rice to these chickens, it is not difficult to keep them but she gets about 5 - 10 eggs a month from each chicken. I heard factory chickens produce 1 each day, you can see that organic eggs are not a viable business. But, high class resorts such as Soneva Jani, Velaa Private Island or Cheval Blanc Randheli can certainly afford it and I think they should offer organic eggs as an alternative.

Moringa drumstick curry is somewhat a common dish among Maldivians and it too comes with many nutritional benefits. But, the most popular part of moringa tree is its leaves. In Maldives we consume fresh leaves mixed in omelette, rarely people use it as a side dish salad during lunch or dinner. My personal experience is that it does not taste good as a salad.

Here in Maldives we take salad as side dish while having the main course. There is a rich greenish vegetable called Maldivian Cabbage that is very popular. You can just chop or slice it and take with rice, some people would add some lime juice to enhance flavour.

While moringa leaf is mostly consumed fresh there are few vendors selling it as powder. So, you can just sprinkle it generously over the omelette. But, I have never tried the powder. Nutritional benefits also vary between fresh moringa leaf, powder and seed oil. Frozen moringa leaf would be nice if it is available at local convenient stores.

Moringa Leaf Powder Nutritional Facts

100g contains:
• 28.20 mg Iron
• 0.57 mg Copper
• 1324 mg Potassium
• 2003 mg Calcium
• 368 mg Magnesium
• 113 mg Vitamin E
• 2.64 mg Vitamin B1
• 20.50 mg Vitamin B2
• 8.20 mg Vitamin B3
• 17.30 mg Vitamin C
• 27.10 g Protein
• 2.30 g Fat
• 205 cal Calories

Fresh Moringa Leaf Nutritional Facts

100g contains:
• 0.85 mg Iron
• 0.07 mg Copper
• 259 mg Potassium
• 440 mg Calcium
• 42 mg Magnesium
• 448 mg Vitamin E
• 0.06 mg Vitamin B1
• 0.05 mg Vitamin B2
• 0.80 mg Vitamin B3
• 220 mg Vitamin C
• 6.7 g Protein
• 1.70 g Fat
• 92 cal Calories

You can see there is a remarkable change in nutritional facts of moringa leaf when it is fresh and consumed as a powder. There are few additional nutrition that are not included above, you can find full facts on ScienceDirect website. Moringa Oleifera is also called Horseradish tree or Drumstick tree.

Maldives Finest is in touch with some local farmers to collaborate to grow moringa and supply to resorts and local community. Regular supply is essential to resorts and this is a native tree that does not need any care at all, it just grows on its own. But, we have to plant enough trees. If you like our idea please hit the SHARE BUTTON to support the project.

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