Sandalwood Powder Now Available In Maldives

Fezz Goodness (commonly known as Fezz Maldives) has just started selling 100% sandalwood powder in the Maldives. Sandalwood powder is widely known as a common ingredient in many beauty products. But, high quality powder was not available in the Maldives. But not anymore, Fezz Sandalwood Powder is now available. You can check the quality by its colour and aroma.

Sandalwood tree is native to southern India and grows in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. It is a small tree that is considered sacred in some tribes and cultures. The distinct aroma of the sandalwood makes it standout as something special. Its perfume-like smell may have led people to explore medicinal benefits at the ancient times. But, now it is widely known and proven that Sandalwood has several skincare benefits. Beauty industry makes generous use of this herbal ingredient.

Factory made products available on the supermarket shelves usually come with lot of chemicals and people nowadays tend to use natural chemical-free products. Fezz has taken the lead in the Maldives in herbal products by offering Neem Powder, Moringa Powder, Gotukola Powder and now Sandalwood Powder. Fezz Good is a branch of Fezzhotels Private Limited that got diversified during the pandemic. The company first offered these herbal products to guests stay at their hotels. The pandemic led to closure of their hotels, at the same time their herbal products became popular in the local community. Fezz has planned to release more natural beauty products in the coming days and weeks.

Lightens the skin tone and removes tan

Do you love fairer skin? Sandalwood powder lightens the skin tone and helps remove tan on the skin caused by the sun. If there is any sunburn it soothes the skin with a cooling effect. This means you need not worry about any sunburns while trying to remove tan, it helps heal both at the same time. It also reduces the redness on the skin and make it fairer.

Helps heal wounds, cuts and acne

Anti-inflammatory property in sandalwood (power and oil) helps heal small wounds, cuts or acne. This means it safe for almost any skin condition. Open pores of pimples are no problem, it fights germs and bad bacteria. When the pimples are unopen it help flush out the toxins and tighten the skin while healing it faster.

Softens the skin with overnight treatment

Sandalwood essential oils can be used to massage your face and leave it overnight to have softer skin tone when you wake up the next day. Just wash your face lukewarm water.

Treatment for oily skin

There are various formula you can use to treat oily skin. A simple one is to mix sandalwood powder with rose water and apply the paste on your face. Wash off after 30 minutes and get rid of the oils that cause clogging of skin pores. Once the pores are unclogged you can use rose water of any other hydrator to keep tissues healthy and happy.

Treatment to remove dark spots on face

Mix some sandalwood powder with virgin coconut oil and give a good scrub on your skin. Leave it overnight and wash off with lukewarm water the next day morning. Regular use of this recipe will fade away dark spots on your face. Use a hydrator to keep the skin happy in ideal condition to grow back the skin tissues naturally.
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