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Come take a rustic themed, affordable romantic journey on You & Me by Cocoon Maldives. This secluded island in Raa Atoll is accessible via a 45-minute seaplane ride or a domestic flight combined with a 20-minute speedboat transfer from Ifuru Domestic Airport. However, we would recommend the seaplane route as it is one of the most scenic rides that you might take during your lifetime.

you and me

Witness the beautiful islands scattered across the Indian Ocean on your way to the resort with the seaplane transfer. The domestic flight will give you a good view too; however, the seaplane flies closer to the ocean so you get a more personal view of the islands below as you fly.

you and me maldives

What is special about this island is that it is in a secluded part of the Maldives that remains mostly untouched. This adults-only island is the perfect place for couples and honeymooners. This island will give you all the seclusion and romance that you want while celebrating your cherished love. Celebrate on your wedded bliss on this island with the wedding ceremony offers. You can say your vows under a floral arch whilst the sunsets, creating a fine work of art as your backdrop. You can celebrate your special day with family and friends in a candlelit tent facing the azure lagoon of this romantic island. The friendly staff of this island speaks multiple languages apart from English such as; Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Nepali and Thai. Every staff will go out of their way to provide you a dreamy holiday whilst taking care of all your needs. The rooms comes with the standard amenities such as minibar, Flat screen TV and air-conditioning. Let’s take an in-depth look at the accommodations and facilities this island offers.


manta villa at You And Me
Manta Villa - You And Me by Cocoon Maldives

First, we have the Manta Villa; named after one of the most elegant sea creatures on earth. This 55 sqm villa is set on the azure lagoon of this private island. The King-sized bed is set overlooking the ocean and comes with polished wooden floors giving it a truly rustic feeling. The bathroom comes with a rain shower, and you will have a seaside deck with the view of the beautiful lagoon. The most important factor to consider in this villa is that you would get a mesmerizing view of the tropical sun rises across the horizon. You can wake up to the warm rays of the sun before you take off for a romance-filled day. This is perfect for a couple who wishes to spend money on excursions and activities rather than in a room with extra facilities.

Dolphin Villa at You And Me Maldives
Dolphin Villa - You And Me by Cocoon Maldives

Next, we have the Dolphin Villa; named after the fun-loving marine mammal that inhibits Maldivian waters. This 55 sqm villa also comes with a King-sized bed facing the ocean and polished wooden floors. The bathroom comes with a rain shower and you will have direct access to a seaside deck with the view of the beautiful lagoon. The difference between this villa compared to the Manta Villa is that this villa offers you a sunset view. You can watch nature’s finest artwork as the sun bids you farewell right in front of your doorstep. This is perfect if you are not an early morning bird or if you are a sunset fanatic. This villa will provide you with the utmost privacy to you and your loved one. So if you would rather spend more on excursions and activities rather than accommodation these two options would be great for you.

you and me dolphin villa with pool
Dolphin Villa with Pool - You And Me by Cocoon Maldives

Now we have the Dolphin Villa with Pool; a 65 sqm villa that comes with a private infinity pool. For an added luxury to your accommodation, an infinity pool will make you feel like you are swimming in the lagoon as the sunsets, blending in the colors of Mother Nature into the lagoon and your infinity pool. This spacious and private villa comes with polished wooden floors, comfortable sofas, and a king-sized bed overlooking the ocean. The bathroom comes with a rain shower and you have direct access to the seaside deck that comes with access to the lagoon. This would be the perfect place to spend with your loved one as it gives you an option of an infinity pool along with access to the lagoon as well.

beach suite with pool you-and-me
Beach Suite with Pool - You And Me by Cocoon Maldives

Next, we have the Beach Suite with Pool; an 85 sqm villa that is larger than the previous villas. This is set on the beach and the king-sized bed is set facing the beach. A comfortable sofa is also included in this villa and a deck with a private pool with views of the beach and ocean. What is special about this villa is the bathroom. It comes with a couple’s bathtub in addition to the rain shower. This villa is for couples who want that added luxury and privacy to their vacation. Whether you are swimming in the lagoon, tanning on the beach, taking a dip in the private pool, or simply soaking up in the couple's bathtub; you will get full privacy and an adventure filled with romance.

you and me aqua suite
Aqua Suite - You And Me by Cocoon Maldives

Now we have the Aqua Suite; an 85 sqm villa that comes with polished wooden floors and a king-sized bed overlooking the ocean. This rustic themed villa is set on the lagoon and gives you amazing views of the sun rising across the horizon. The bathroom is spacious and comes with a couples bathtub and rain shower just like the Beach Suite with Pool. However, this villa is set on the lagoon so it gives you utmost privacy away from the private island. It comes with a large outdoor deck for you to sunbathe in or simply dip into the lagoon as the deck has access to the lagoon as well. Perfect for a couple that comes with ‘sea legs’ who just want to come into the azure lagoon after waking up.

you and me aqua suite with pool
Aqua Suite with Pool - You And Me by Cocoon Maldives

Next up we have Aqua Suite with Pool; an 80 sqm villa perched on the blue lagoon. This villa offers you breathtaking sunset views on your private deck. The deck also has an infinity pool for you to use and direct access to the lagoon. So the choice is yours to make. Whether you want to watch the last rays of the sun gently warm you up whilst you swim in the infinity pool or swim in the blue lagoon. This villa comes with polished wooden floors and a king-sized bed as well. The bathroom comes with a rain shower and a couple’s bathtub too. This is perfect for couples who want an added touch of a beautiful infinity pool to their stay.

you and me suite
You & Me Suite

Last we have the epitome of romantic hideaway; the You & Me Suite. Staggering compared to other villas, this villa is 280 sqms in size. The largest suite on this private island comes with a spacious bedroom, living room, kitchen area, a recreation room with gym and bathroom; each with its own special perks. The bathroom comes with a rain shower and a couple’s bathtub and is larger in size compared to other villas. The living area is spacious and comes with a TV area. The recreation room includes a private gym, cinema, and a massage table. Your private deck comes with a large infinity pool for your use. With this villa, you will get uninterrupted views of the blue lagoon and the bonus point is that it gives you unparalleled sunset views each day. This would be the ultimate choice to make your honeymoon extra special or even if you are simply celebrating an anniversary or romantic getaway. Love knows no boundaries; neither does this villa. It is guaranteed to give you a memorable, exclusive, and romantic getaway.


The special feature of this luxury resort is the underwater restaurant ‘H2O’. Enjoy fine dining underwater with a 360-degree view of the exotic marine life that swims around. This restaurant is fully submerged and one of its kind. This would definitely be an opportunity to not miss during your romantic getaway.

Other than H2O you can choose to eat at any of the restaurants on this island. Starting with the urban-chic ‘Green Carpet’, that offers healthy mouthwatering lunches by a pool. 'The Sand' is the main restaurant at You & Me, and it offers international cuisine for breakfast and dinner. With a live cooking station, you can a wide range of delicious meals and enjoy fine wine and champagne from the wine cellar in this restaurant. If you want to try out Japanese cuisine, you can visit ‘Rising Sun; offering the unique experience of Teppanyaki. This restaurant serves delicious beef, Sashimi, and rich Japanese delights.

If you are craving Italian food, you can dine at ‘La Pasta’; a communal beachside restaurant that serves Italy’s finest cuisines with Italian special pasta and pizzerias for lunch and dinner. After a day filled with fun and romance, you can wind down at ‘Cheers Bar’; complete with hammocks and lounge chairs. This bar serves freshly made cocktails and a wide range of wine. Champagne whilst live music is being performed for your entertainment every night.


Like most resorts, this resort also offers a wide variety of seaports from snorkeling to jet skis with a wide range of water sports equipment. It will satisfy even the hardcore adrenaline seekers. For Scuba divers this is a great location where you can come close with exotic marine life such as manta rays, turtles, napoleon fish, and grey reef sharks. This private island has a dive center that is fully equipped and run by certified professionals.

you and me 2

You do not have to worry about your fitness goals on this island as it comes with a fitness center that offers a variety of 30-60 minute Fitness and Wellness sessions hosted by experienced and qualified instructors. If you are seeking an adventure off the island, you can take up on the offer of local island tours, fishing trips, snorkeling trips, dolphin cruise, and many more excursion trips. On the island, you can make good use of daily entertainment with live music, DJ and Maldivian Cultural Show, sporting activities.

To wind down after a long day you can visit the You & Me Spa, where they use the finest products from Elizabeth Arden Pro and HESITO, a luxury skincare brand well known for quality and excellence. The highly trained spa experts will provide an unforgettable spa experience where they will take away all the tension in your body and mind.

Celebrating Love

The wedding package the You And Me offers is unlike any other. Celebrate your love amongst tropical-inspired decorated settings with coconut palms, tropical flowers, braided coconut pal arch, and many other benefits of this romance filled package. Start your new chapter in life as traditional Maldivian drums are being played in the background of the setting sun. This exclusive package includes the assistance of wedding coordinator, a romantic couple massage, champagne toast, wedding cake, flower bouquet for the bride and lapel flower for the groom, frangipani leis for bride and groom, in-room floral aromatherapy bath prepared for the couple, a symbolic wedding certificate, wedding gift, photo album, and many other offers. Make sure to make the best of your romantic getaway to this secluded island that will help you take your love life to another level.

you and me maldives

This romantic newly opened private Island has been rated 4.5- stars on Trip Advisor and over three hundred visitors rating it as an excellent romantic holiday destination. If you are looking for an affordable luxury romantic getaway, this island might be the perfect choice for you. From the carefully designed villas, to the wedding ceremony, fine dining options, and activities; each has been specially curated to give you an experience like no other on this secluded private island. So book your tickets and fly over here to celebrate your love life at a tropical island filled with romance and good vibes.
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