Tips To Better Photos With Your Phone For Instagram

Camera phones have greatly improved in recent years and are now ideal for taking photos of your travels. I have a DSLR camera but a lot of photos I have on Maldives Finest are actually shot with smartphone, because it is what stays with me all the time. To capture moments I think smartphone gets more opportunities. So, here are five great tips to make the most of them and look great on Instagram.

Photo by Maldives Finest: Unedited photo of dolphin captured using Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Take light into consideration, not your view

The difference between the human eye and your camera lens is that your eye is clever and more adaptable to light than the camera is. While your eyes may see the intended subject clearly, your camera may not reproduce the same quality. Although your eyes may be able to filter out shadows and excess sun rays, the camera most probably won't. You should therefore take lighting into consideration, and know the direction in which the rays are pointed to, to take clear pictures of the subject.

Locate the sun

The best way to take clear and bright pictures is by using the sun to your advantage. Ensure the sun is shining on the subject's face when taking photos. If on a cruise ship, look for the spot at which the sun is shining and take the photo from there. Consider taking the picture when the sun is low enough especially if you want to catch its glistening light on the ocean surface. When the sun is low enough (such as early in the morning or in the evening), most of the sun rays will bounce off the water hence making it possible for your camera lens to capture a crispy clear picture.

Time of the day

It goes without saying that, the best time to take the perfect photo is during sunrise or sunset. Sunrise helps produce striking images as there's just enough light to take the perfect photo. Proper timing is therefore essential especially if you want to make a mark on your photography skills. These will look great on Instagram and with the help of Vibbi, you can be sure there will be loads of likes.

Consider portrait pictures

Some situations require you to turn your camera to take a vertical shot of the subject. This is especially important when taking photos of skyscrapers, or something whose height cannot be covered by a landscape-style photo. Another interesting fact about taking a vertical shot is that it adds a geometrical variety to your slideshow or photo compilation.

Fill the frame

A properly taken photo contains as much information on the subject as possible and very little superfluous imagery. Whether taking a family photo or just a 'selfie,' ensure the subjects start from the left edge to the right edge leaving no space for distractions. With modern cameras coming with a viewfinder feature, use it to your advantage to take perfect and informative pictures.

Filling the frame with the intended subject helps amplify the primary focus and experience. Anyone who sees the photo will have an idea of what the subject was even without being shown. This also amplifies the 180-degree panorama view that we have. The next time you want to take a photo, whether on a safari, vacation, or a tour, take all these factors into consideration to make the most out of your pictures, and stored memories.

Disclaimer: This interesting article was written by a freelance writer, edited by Maldives Finest. Content on external website(s) were neither verified nor endorsed by Maldives Finest.


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