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Step into the sanctuary where the original colonial-era architecture that’s unique to Raffles meets an elegant tropical setting. One of the most lavish high-end luxury resorts located in the southern and remote Huvadhoo Atoll, the resort delivers an unbelievable experience for those who are ready to spoil themselves.

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Situated on a very small, charming isle called Meradhoo, the resort is committed to providing two very distinct but special experiences. The dreamiest beach vacation for those who are in love with a silvery shore, and the most romantic getaway or honeymoon for the fantasists. Although it is a very grown-up resort, it is very child friendly where there are child-butlers instead of a kids club and there’s a gym as well.

Unlike most resorts who have a jetty that extends from the island resort, Raffles Maldives goes even further to enhance the atmosphere of seclusion. The classic overwater villas are situated on a small submerged sandbank right across the island of Meradhoo. With the overwater section cut off and accessed only by a 2-minute boat-ride, it can be said that if privacy was a commodity, you’d get the highest quality at this luxury resort. The process to reach this uniquely idyllic destination might be a bit lengthy due to the remote location of the resort. As it’s 400 Km from the international airport, there are no direct seaplane flights. Guests will have to take an hour-long domestic flight to Kaadedhdhoo Airport where they are escorted to the resort on a speedboat.

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Overall, the resort itself is very small with not more that 38 residences and the island itself can be walked around in less than 10 minutes. Raffles Maldives Meradhoo prioritizes quality over quantity with their lavish residences, fantastical experiences, dining fit for royalty as well as every luxury of the modern world. The beach is stunning and surrounds the island like a halo and though there have been no complaints about erosion, there are some equipment to help prevent erosion on the North East side of the island. Outlining the lagoon of the island is one of the best house-reefs that the Maldives has to offer and there are at least 20 resident hawksbill turtles. The small reef around the overwater retreat is also a good snorkeling location, but overshadowed by the one on the island. An extraordinary setting meets the extraordinary service and design by Raffles who’s well-known among the well-travelled.

The resort of Raffles Maldives Meradhoo features a Beach Island Experience as well as an Overwater Island Experience. The private island features the beach villas and residences along with the Raffles Royal Residence. The separate overwater retreat houses the romantic overwater villas that are so sought after, facing either the sunset or the sunrise.

Beach Villa

On the charming little island of Meradhoo are 21 lovely luxe beach villas. Rooms are furnished in wonderful tones and colors meant to enhance the natural surroundings. There are 13 entry-level Beach Villas and 5 larger Deluxe Beach Villas with only one bedroom outlining the whole island. For the families, there are 3 Beach Residences with two bedrooms as well. Each one comes with a strip of exclusive and private beach and start from the south end, from right next to the Private Chefs Table and goes full circle until the overwater spa is reached.

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The resort really is unrivaled within the Huvadhoo atoll, as even the smallest Beach Villa covering 220 sqm and the others 260 sqm. Not to forget the oversized beds that the reviews mention. The room numbers 1, 2, 3 and 22, 21 and 20 are the closest to the Long Bar, the Thari restaurant and all the facilities, especially the first three rooms. The Firepit, for the barbeque enthusiasts are in between room number 15 and 16. For those looking for accommodation further away, then rooms 9 to 12 would be perfect as they are on the northern tip of the island, far away from the bars and other facilities.

The Raffles Royal Residence

For those who have unbreakable bank accounts and are willing to splurge, this presidential suite is perfect. Meant to open in the fourth quarter of 2020, this is the ultimate accommodation option that is beyond compare. It offers all the splendor Raffles is known for in the most incredible natural setting. It is a heavenly three-bedroom villa with a private beach, gardens, vast infinity pool, shaded outdoor terraces covering a total area of a whopping 1250 sqm and, of course, the legendary 24/7 Raffles butler service. Soaring high ceilings and fully retractable windows are decadent architectural details, but the surrounding land and seascape are just breathtaking. With the clarity of the lagoon before you and the stars above, the silken breeze and the dazzling sunsets, there is no place closer to utopia than this.

Water Villas

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Right across the small isle of Meradhoo is a submerged sandbank that houses the floating overwater section of the resort accessed only by 2-minute boat ride from the resort. Step onto the arrival jetty and walk along the wooden jetty that branches into two. The curved jetty facing the east, houses 7 Overwater Villas each one covering 230 sqm with a private pool, one huge bedroom and a separate living space. The 7 Sunset Overwater Villas are much larger, covering a 300 sqm. At the end of the jetty are the suites for families and groups, the Overwater Residence facing east and the Sunset Overwater Residence providing unobstructed views of the sunset. Room 23 and 38 are the closest to the Japanese restaurant and bar on this floating island. The residences at the end of the jetties are the most secluded and private.

Sunset Overwater Villa

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For honeymooners, young couples as well as parents with a small child, these mesmerizing villas have an irresistible charm. These water bungalows are the best choice for those looking to have the overwater vacation of their dreams, where they can lounge around and making memories in a floating sanctuary. At most resorts, the beach villas are more spacious and give a feeling of seclusion, but these overwater villas are much larger than the beach suites at Raffles Maldives covering a 300 sqm while the largest beach villa covers only 260 sqm.

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The villas are furnished in a color scheme involving soft sky blues and light colors that reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings, with furnishings including the famous Raffles’ writer’s desk. Outside on the deck, a private pool and outdoor shower are perfect for temperate starry nights. Moreover, these Sunset Overwater Villas face west, with unobstructed views of the Laccadive Sea, a breathtaking sunset followed by a sky full of stars is the nightly experience from the comfort of your Sunset Overwater Villa. What else is there to ask for? Guests can laze around on the chic four-poster bed, hammock, indoor bathtub or lounge on the daybed by the pool. Pick room number 38, as it’s closest to the restaurant and bar and enjoy an amazing stay.

Dining Facilities

Raffles wouldn’t be such a legendary brand without providing stellar fine dining experiences, would they? Raffles Maldives Meradhoo features four restaurants and bars and though this may not seem like much, the variety and the quality of the experience that they deliver is unmatched. Whether it’s the finest ceviche, private chef experiences, in-villa dining or destination dining, guests can indulge it all at Raffles Maldives.

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So, head to Thari, nearby the arrival jetty on the southern tip of the island which is the main all-day dining restaurant of the resort. From breakfast pastries and fruits to vibrant salads and lighter meals, guests can enjoy the open, relaxed atmosphere of dining on the beachfront. The barbeque lovers can dine at The Firepit, located on the east end of the resort, interrupting the rows of villas outlining the beach. A barbeque restaurant with a touch of theatre cooking, enjoy delicious full-flavor dishes. There’s also a nice list of signature cocktails and wine. The last facility on the island is the Long Bar, by the resorts main pool facing the sunset.

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The guests residing on the overwater section can enjoy Peruvian - Nikkei cuisine at Yuzu. The rich melting pot of influences, blending indigenous traditions including Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese styles is certain to enlighten taste buds. There’s also the Yapa Sunset Bar, by the charming pool on the floating retreat inspired from the national drinks of South America and Japan: Picso, Mezcal, Tequila, Sake.

Diving and Snorkeling

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The Gaafu Atoll is one of the biggest and deepest natural atoll formations in the whole world. The underwater world of this atoll is a playground for divers and snorkelers alike with dramatic drop offs, overhangs and channels. However, the main selling point for the divers here are the large pelagic fish you won’t see elsewhere in the archipelago. Sharks, sailfish, whalesharks and even mantas. The hotel has a resident marine biologist along with a team of marine butlers that educate the guests about the vast underwater world. The Padi-certified diving center that the resort features makes sure that guests are getting the best underwater experience.

Raffles Spa

Set over the water on the southern tip of the natural island and open to the blue skies above, Raffles spa is a haven of serenity. Feel the warm sun and gentle breeze on your skin as skilled therapists soothe and rejuvenate you. Each luxurious treatment is based on native ingredients and ancient rituals, combining the therapeutic power of nature with the latest techniques.
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