Diving And Snorkeling At Embudu Village Maldives

The beauty of Maldives is not just white beaches and clear water. The underwater fauna and marine lives means a lasting memory for every tourist, but only if you booked the right resort. The fact is many low-priced resorts have a far rich house reef than some of the luxury resorts. It is also a fact that many luxury resorts have an equally matching attractiveness in their house reef.

Embudu Village is not just a resort that you book to enjoy its beach, dining options and picture-perfect locations. Most of its attraction lies underwater. It has a great house reef and its just few metres from the shoreline. You don't need a boat to go at the reef. Just go to jetty and take the plunge. But, make sure that you don't forget about safety and always go with a partner.

Be it diving or snorkeling, Embudu Village is a great experience. The reef has been kept protected from harm over the years. Broken coral could be the hardest thing to find there. The management of the resort has paid utmost care to preserve their natural assets that bring tourists to Embudu Village.

Maldives could be said as a holiday destination, but its more like an experience. And this experience is largely from underwater. If you frequently go snorkeling or diving you would notice that its not the same thing everyday. Based on factors such as current, waves, season or weather the fish you see at the reef greatly varies. Having born and rised in the sea-based life of typical Maldivian, 30 years is not enough to get board of the underwater marvels.

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