Is Water A Living Creature? This Discovery Is Mind Blowing

This simple picture of water gushing out a fountain in Maldives capital Male' is the best picture I shot in 2015. You may have alternate judgement and I do not blame you. But, let me explain why I have chosen this picture as Picture-of-the-year.

picture of the year 2015
Photo: Maldives Finest Picture Of The Year 2015

Before I go for the reasons, let me tell you that there is no effect applied other than adding some contrast to reveal more detail in the picture.

Now the reasons. The only light on the picture is actually sun light, no artificial light of any sort was present. But, the picture reveals a variety of colours and all colours are mixed up. If there was any artificial light, such as fountain lights, the colour of water would vary at different locations.

Among the variety of colours on this picture I could notice white, different shades of blue, pink, green, orange, red, purple, black, grey. While some of these colours may have come from background the others seen in the water particles seem to resemble colours of rainbow.

It has been quite a few months since I believed water is not something so simple as I thought, it has mirraculous features. My understanding about water, at this point of time, is that it has amazing ability to change colours of its particles or atoms. Mirraculous aspect is not just this ability, but the intelligent fashion in portaying its colours are more amazing.

It may be possible that a particle of water could have different colours from different angles. In case of this fountain the water sprinkles and picture might have captured particles from different angles. Seems to be a convincing theory, right?

When you see a rainbow at the horizon can you imagine how massive the actual rainbow could be? You see colours from several miles away and rainbow extends up into the sky. Something of that magnitude would be huge when you see up close. Despite its gigantic size the colours in rainbow are all layered nicely. How does each water particle know which colour to wear? The particle on top layer of the rainbow would be very distant from one in the below. But, they seem not making any mistake.

Another way I see rainbow is while travelling by speedboat. The boat travels at high speed and front section of the hull cuts a line in the sea causing water particles to fly sideways. Not every time but often I see these high velocity water particles form rainbow. Boat travels, so does the water particles, but the rainbow stays with the boat. In every millisecond the water particles inside rainbow gets replaced with new ones as boat travels at high speed. That means every particle changes its colour within a fraction of a millisecond. When the particle reaches the bottom layer of rain it turns violet, to indigo and to blue and so forth, layer by layer. The high speed of boat seems no match to water when it changes its colour. They are much faster, of cause smarter.

P.S: This is just my personal observation, not a scientific discovery. What is your observation on this? Tell me in the forum


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Is water a living creature? This discovery is mind blowing

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