Ooredoo Is Growing Faster Than Dhiraagu

Blog: The two telecom operators, Dhiraagu and now Ooredoo, it has been a question that which operator is growing faster. Dhiraagu has been operating for over 26 years and Ooredoo about 9. It is apparent that Dhiraagu holds more market share. In my recent observations I noticed Ooredoo in fact did very successfully in the last couple of years.


Today I came across Ooredoo Maldives facebook page. The first glance noticed the sheer number of likes. Immediately opened a new tab on my browser I see that Dhiraagu is lagging behind.

Oooredoo - 67,404 Likes
Dhiraagu - 53,383 Likes

The topic could be controversial. Some would say Ooredoo is doing excessive marketing on the social media while others oppose that statement. Anyway, this is an indicate that we all can see. Its right there for everyone to see. While we dont have other indicators to compare with, this bit draws up an image.

I was switching between operators in the past. But, now it has been quite some time that I am staying with Ooredoo. I am actually not a big fan of Ooredoo, though I use their service. I believe that there are areas that Ooredoo could improve. Having done well on many aspects could have brought them so much success, anyhow.


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