Number Portability And Dhiraagu Vs Ooredoo

Telecom operators have introduced Number Portability earlier this month. The long anticipated service is now available and customers can switch operator without changing the mobile number. Dhiraagu customers can move to Ooredoo network and use the same number, likewise existing Ooredoo customers can move to Dhiraagu without having to change contact.

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This service is particularly important because people often travel to other islands and sometimes 3G is offered by other operator. In this case you have to buy not only sim card but also another phone because you may not want to switch off your existing number.

Introduction of number portability has put both on a head to head competition. Dhiraagu is running campaigns calling the public to “upgrade” to largest network while Ooredoo Maldives sparks public engagement in form of selfies and discussions. Ooredoo has also mobilized help desks in prime locations to assist customers who want to join them.

How many would approach them to move out to Dhiraagu is a question yet to be answered. How many would update to Dhiraagu remains uncertain too. We will have to wait, but none of the operators, mostly likely, reveal their true stranding.

Competition is good for customers. Let both collide in the market and we the customers can milk both cows. To port number you have to pay RF200 for the service. After switch, you can only switch back after 90 days. Still one could say this is a kind of intimidation. If you are a traveler you can’t keep hopping the operator as you visit different islands.

Now let’s check out which operator offers cheapest data plans.

dhiraagu data plans
ooredoo data internet

Let's say an average person would spend around MVR300 per month. So, the closest package in Ooredoo is 4GB for MVR299.
Ooredoo Maldives: Per GB is 299/4 = MVR74.75

It seems both the operators have agreed to differentiate packages to confuse customers, may be avoid comparisons. Because packets are fashioned evenly. For this test we will combine both packages and calculate proportionate data for MVR299.

Dhiraagu Power3GB + Power5GB:
5GB + 3GB = 8GB
MVR349 + MVR249 = MVR598
Dhiraagu: Per GB is 598/8 = MVR74.75

So what does this suggest? Is this just a coincidence? To the exact Laari? I guess not.

Needless to say the mobile services in the Maldives is a duopoly. Hit SHARE to encourage licensing a third service provider. Or just ignore the fact. Decision is yours, but a simple act could make all the difference.

Published: 12 March 2016


Number Portability and Dhiraagu Vs Ooredoo
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