30 New Photos Of 3km Long Maldives Resort

02 DECEMBER 2017
Are you struggling to decide if you should book a 4 star resort or 5 star for your next Maldives holiday? This Maldives resort located in Dhaalu Atoll says they are anything but ordinary. Looking at the pictures you will think it is just another 5 star resort. But, the management disagrees. This is Kandima Maldives.

In Maldives-size Kandima is a large resort. The island is nearly 3 km long and has 274 rooms of 7 different categories. Transfer to this resort is by domestic flight which takes a 30 minute flight to Kudahuvadhoo Airport followed by a 20 minute boat ride. This lifestyle resort is for every kind of tourist, from honeymooners to families and adventurers or divers.

Freshly built earlier this year (2017) the island is like a beautiful present when you first open the package. Read more about Kandima in our previous post.

Kandima Photo Gallery

kandima beach villa with jacuzzi
Beach Villa With Jacuzzi
kandima beach villa with jacuzzi
Beach Villa With Jacuzzi
kandima beach sky studio
Beach & Sky Studios
kandima beach club palm trees
Beach Club
kandima aqua villa aerial
Kandima Aerial View
beach villa
Beach Villa Exterior
kandima 18
Beach Villa With Pool
kandima 17
Forbidden Bar
kandima 13
Kids Club
beach studio bathroom
Beach Villa Bathroom
kandima water sports
kandima spa
kandima smoked grill
Smoked Grill Beach
kandima smoked
Smoked Grill
Aqua Villa
kandima sky studio
Sky Studio
kandima restaurant
Dining at Breeze
kandima pool view
Pool View
kandima palm tree
Palm Tree
Aqua Villa Bathroom
kandima beach club
Beach Club
kandima breeze
kandima beach club-2
Beach Club
kandima jetty
Arrival Jetty
kandima honeymoon villa
Honeymmon Aqua Pool Villa
kandima beach
kandima aerial
Kandima Aerial View
Pool View
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