Diver Befriends Deadly Lion Fish In Maldives

Lion Fish are commonly found across Maldives. It is one of the most aggressive species that usually protects its territory and faces aggressively to anyone who attempts to get too close. Lion Fish are calm in nature and do not swim fast like Jack fish or sharks. The Lion Fish are more relaxed and enjoys swimming gently in and around coral. Once aggressive it could fly to you and sting in no time.

In the waters of Maldives there are few fish that are poisonous and lion fish are one of them. They are small in size, about 6 inches long when fully grown.

There is no particular island or atoll to spot this beautiful but deadly fish. It likes to live near coral and usually in places that are not too deep. You could sometimes see them on the surface but that is not very common. Usually lion fish lives between 1 – 5 meters of depth, in clear lagoon.

lion fish

Lion fish do not like human being getting too close. If found disrespectful to this mighty of tiny fish it would deliver its deadly secret weapon, a poisonous sting that is painful and life threatening in absence of rapid medical care.

lion fish

Despite being aggressive, lion fish do not prey on humans. They are not interested in stinging you. It only goes to you when it feels you are too close to its territory. In a rare case you might be able to befriend lion fish if you are very talented but it involves extreme risk. When things turn bad you will not have time to swim away and it would be too late. In a slit second it could fly to you and sting on your vital organs.


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