Deadly Stone Fish That Is Hard To Spot

If you know Maldives it is needless to mention the amazing experience of snorkeling on the reef. What you do not know may be a few species of fish that are dangerous and commonly found in the Maldives. Incidents are rare, because even the dangerous fish becomes a thread to you only when you pose a threat them. Otherwise you are safe and they are happy.

stone fish
Photo by Hila Gvir

I always advice my guests to keep 6 feet from any sea creature. I have heard in some resorts they advise tourists to keep two arms distance, which comes to around 6 feet for an average person.

Previously I have written about the dangerous species of fish commonly found in the Maldives and this post is not going to cover all the fish.

Now you know that you should keep distance from fish and coral. Also, do not touch or stand on coral. Because coral growth takes years or decades to grow and when you stand it dies. That is one reason. The other is your personal safety.

You may think you would see every fish, especially the ones that are big enough to be dangerous. It is often not the size that matters when it comes to safety. The little ones sometimes are poisonous and big ones are not. Out of all fish, there is one that you hardly can see. While you snorkel you may not even notice is there. Not because it is small in size, but its colours make you think it is coral.

I am talking about stone fish. It stays camouflaged in the coral. When you step on it there are poisonous thorns on the back of fish that pierces into your foot.

I have had this happened to me once during a night snorkeling. It was in the lagoon with small pieces of dead coral. When you walk you feel it is not soft sand on the sea floor. I was walking towards the island and I stepped on a stone fish. I did not know what it was, but I felt something sharp that went in my foot.

I got back on the island and checked my feet, I could not find anything but it was painful. I suspected it was stone fish and doctor gave me an injection into the swollen part of the feet. I went to bed and when I woke up next morning I was fine.

So, do be careful while you enjoy in paradise.
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