Can You Imagine Putting Your Finger In A Giant Eel's Mouth?

This is a pet eel in a fish tank. A man cuddles a giant green moray eel and then goes on to put his fingers in its mouth. The eel keeps his mouth open and let him play with it. Again, this is a pet eel. The ones in the wild are different and reacts differently, if things turn out wrong it could get deadly. Even the professionals don't just go for it when you an eel out there. They train it for several days, step by step, before it gets friendly and allows you to put your fingers in his mouth. Again, don't try this, its serious risky.

eel 3
Screenshot from video

This eel seem very much adapted to human cuddles. When you feed the fish it does not just eat it up as soon as it can. These eels have a second pair of jaws deep in the the mouth. When you put the fish in its mouth, what it does is just get second jaws to grab and pull in the fish, just to avoid a bite on his finger.

Eels have very low vision and largely depends on sense of smell. Divers who play with eels always let them smell your hand to let them know that its no harm.

In Maldives we do have sting ray feeding in many resorts. At least one resort does shark feeding as well. But, who knows tomorrow it will be eel feeding? I think its very likely. It may be a better idea than importing a kangaroos just to show tourists something different.

Here goes another video of playing moray eel in the sea


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