Diver Touches Dangerous Moray Eel. See What Happens!

It is a clear sunny day and visibility is perfect. This dive video shows just a normal dive till he cuddles a dangerous moray eel. I was kind of shocked that he actually touched it. You should never touch a moray eel, it is one of the most dangerous creatures you will come across while diving. You may not get bitten every time and there is no need to take unwanted risks.

diver with moray eel
Diver touches moray eel in Maldives. See video below.

Even for professional divers it could pose threat if the animal was in threatened state. Imagine it got accidentally hooked on someone's fishing line and got unhooked after a struggle. Morays remember such encounters and behave upon what they learn in life, just like we human beings. We can recognise different people, for them humans are all the name in most cases. You have respect to moray eels and other living beings so that they may be there for all divers to see up close and personal, the way everyone wants. No diver would want to see these awesome creatures at distance, so please do not harm them in anyway.

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Diver touches #dangerous moray eel. See what happens next! #Maldives


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