How To Enjoy Super Cheap Barbecue In Hulhumale

Everyone loves barbecue, if not you are probably vegetarian. If you are visiting Maldives and have to stay overnight near airport choose Hulhumale’. It is just 10 minute drive from airport, by bus or aiport taxi. There many small hotels, more commonly called guesthouse. The prices are very reasonable and you get small but clean and trendy hotels. There are cafes and restaurants in walking distance. If you want to opt for high class meals the prices are reasonable and service is good. Otherwise there are cheap places for great value of money, service not terrible either. So, if you want to enjoy a super cheap bbq dinner in Hulhumale’ take a look at the picture here.

barbecue bbq

You can grab a piece of quarter chicken, 4 chapatti, small bottle of water and a black tea for $3. If you don’t like chicken there is fish but it is belly part of yellow find tuna which I don’t find good tasty. So, I recommend bbq chicken.

curry buffet

Additional dishes are available on the buffet if you want but then it won’t be a $3 dinner. Still it is super cheap. You could enjoy a nice dinner for a fraction of cost. The ambiance looks very ordinary and hygiene is at acceptable level, actually better than other similar class restaurants in town.

It may be hard to find this place to you. There is no name. The shop next door is “Hulhumale Souvenirs”. This is the only way to locate if you are not familiar with the neighborhood. If you can want the location on map here goes just that.

bbq map hulhumale
Photo: Location of restaurant on the map

grilled fish chapatti
Photo: Barbecued reef fish - this is really good

grilled fish
Photo: Here is a closer look of the barbecued fish


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