Hijackers Might Have Landed MH370 In China Kyrgyzstan Border - See Pictures

On the 2nd day of plane disapperance we have concluded that the plane was hijacked or sabotaged and more clues indicated passengers were alive, and there was no disintegration or explosion. The authorities at first didnt believe this theory at all, but now they seem to have no other possible explanation.

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Hijackers now have a rocket that appears friendly on military radar

little boy
What hijackers now have is a rocket that can carry over 300 tons of payload and it appears friendly on some of the military radars. This should be terrifying for every government. But, it seems countries are taking this lightly.

Aircraft Engineer onboard

Malaysian authorities have said that they have identified an aircraft engineer on the plane and being an engineer does not necessarily mean he knows to fly or navigate the plane like a professional pilot. It is likely that the role of this engineer was not to hijack the plane, but "service" the plane after landing. Data that was sent by the plane's engine may not be sent again when the plane takes in to skies. It could then travel to any destination on a false ID.

Military might shoot down wrong commercial jet

There is high chance that one day the missing plane would be airborne again. Hence, the military of different countries would take no chance of any harm. They would now be looking at every Boeing 777 in the skies. But, when there is one with a false ID, the military could shoot down the wrong one. That chance seems to exist right now. But, we hope the military would at least send a jet up and check the aircraft before firing a missile.

Landing in any airport is highly unlikely

Our analysis show landing in an airport requires at least 19 key people and this is highly unlikely. Meanwhile our Google Earth search shows suitable desert areas and highways in remote areas the hijackers could use. If authorities fail to progress quickly the plane may never be found. Masterminds who managed to evade radars and land without crash would most likely have capacity to hide the plane, despite its huge size. The plane may then be kept hidden for years, before launching a 9/11 style attack of surprising magnitude.

Landed in remote area in desert

Our initial report on the 2nd day after MH370 disappearance we wrote the plane likely was hijacked and landed in a remote jungle area. Fresh information from authorities from satellite pings show one possibility towards the border of China and Kyrgyzstan. We have analysed this theory and found landing in desert more consistent than jungle, other parts remain unchanged. An autonomous part of China in the border area of Kyrgyzstan and China shows multiple locations suitable for landing, including some of the land areas and highways in the desert.

china border mh370
This part of the highway is 8 metres wide and 2.5km long,both sides show relatively flat land. No vehicle is seen, means the road is rarely used.

china border2 mh370
Near the lake is flat land that stretches upto 3.4km. Zoomed shot in the corner shows grass here.

china border3 mh370
This highway is about 10 metres wide and stretches to 10km, this zoomed picture does not show full road. A big truck is the only vehicle spotted, this indicates how rarely people use this highway. Could block the it let airliner land right here.

missing mh370
Photo www.mirror.co.uk : The desert locations are consistent with this map.

A picture that may help unlock the mystery

mh370 simulator
This is the actual picture of the flight simulator found in Captain Zaharie's home. This leads to lot of questions. The pilot, after 30 years of flying, was still obsessed with flying? Or he used this simulator to practice hijacking and landing maneuvers? Its a tough question to analyse without more detail.

Climbing to 45,000 feet and suddenly dropping to 23,000
Now the authorities have almost concluded that the plane was hijacked. But, some do question why the plane climbed so high, even higher than the allowed limit for Boeing 777. According to some pilots it could cause passengers become unconscious. Hence, we conclude that its a justifiable theory. Also, a sudden descend, may have been necessary to make sure if passengers were really unconscious as a sudden descent would be terrifying for normal passengers.

Killing everyone aboard was not the intended purpose
Several evidence suggests the plane few for hours after being hijacked. This indicates killing everyone aboard aircraft was not the intended purpose of hijacking. If it was, the plane would have crashed moments after disappearance from radar.

An intended purpose behind hijacking
A series of clues tell that there was intended purpose of hijacking Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, and it was not killing everyone aboard. We have previously said the hijackers wanted the plane to be used for another purpose. Our theory is still the same. Someone who wanted this plane for an intended purpose would not crash it into the ocean. If satellite signals suggest it flew over the ocean, it doesnt mean the flight got crashed there. Meanwhile, we cant conclude the flight never got refueled.

Good move: Malaysia Police questions family of the Captain
We have learnt that Malaysian Police has questioned family of the captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah. Nothing suspicious turned out. This is a good approach. Pilot and first officer need to be studied, especially their movements before boarding the flight. Scanner images of pilots' baggage would be crucial information if those images are stored in the system.

United States has suspected the plane could have steered to another location
Many days back we have concluded that the clues show it has been hijacked and possibly landed in a remote location. After trying to locate debris from large areas of oceans the authorities now have come close to conclude that most likely scenario is hijacking.

Now the focus has turned to Indian Ocean (Maldivesfinest is based in Indian Ocean)
Media reports indicate that the search for MH370 has taken initiative by the United States. Based on fresh clues they say the plane could be in Indian Ocean. We say "there is a British territory in the Indian Ocean which is used by the United States as a military base. Use the radars there and see what you find." The British India Ocean Territory is named Diego Garcia, it is very close to Maldives from South Addu Atoll.

A humble request to the authories, from Maldivesfinest
Now the focus being shifted to Indian Ocean, please dont say the plane landed in one of the 1200 Maldives islands. Its true that 800 islands are uninhabited, but the islands here are too small. Even the islands that are developed as airports needed a lot of reclamation. Handful of islands are little bigger and all of them are occupied, as resorts or for residential purpose.

Updates from crowd-sourcing tool
DigitalGlobe as released a crowed-sourcing tool to locate plane from fresh digital images. We are following the findings live. Click to view the findings

Oil rig worker claims to have seen plane descending in flames
We dont buy this story as the claim that passenger phones rang seems stronger and more valid. It's not impossible though. But, cell phones plunged in water would not ring, especially when tried multiple times by multiple families of the passengers. We are analyzing different clues from both authorities and individuals and updating live.

Suspicion falls on pilots themselves
An Australian woman has revealed to the media that the same co-pilot invited her to cockpit, chatted and smoked, in a previous flight years back. She also showed a picture of her with the pilots. This strongly suggests the pilot was bad-mannered. That kind of behaviour years back could have developed him to hijacking level over the years, especially if no disciplinary action was taken against him ever.

Fresh clues suggest the actions were deliberate
Plane's transponder stopped sending signal and flew 500km to opposite direction. If this was some technical fault there was at least 30 minutes (at top speed of Boeing 777) to call someone with passenger's mobile phone. Read below why passengers could not call. Most likely the passengers did not know plane turned back. We have concluded that there is no possibility for flight to be found in Straits of Melacca.

Why would it disappear from radar again?
First disappearance from tower's radar may have occurred when plane's transponder stopped sending signal back to tower. Malaysian military radar traced plane and found it went way off course til disappeared over the Straits of Melacca. Why would it disappear this time? Most likely the plane descended to a very low altitude. It might have landed some where close or just kept low altitude to evade radars and flew to the intended destination.

Authorities discovered plane flew another direction after disappearance from radar
Now the authorities have discovered that the plane turned at point of disappearance from radar and flew opposite direction towards Malaysia. It flew over Malaysia and disappeared in the Straits of Melacca. Authorities did not say that they knew plane's altitude, in that case the plane could be anywhere, not necessarily at Straits of Melacca.

Cell phones connected but the call hung up
Several media reports have said some families of the passengers could connect the call, it rings and no body answers. Another report said the call hung up. Either case, phones ring means it did not plunge into the water. Did not answer means the phones were not with the passengers.

Looking for debris in ocean, not survivors in jungle
A multinational search team involving 10 countries are looking for debris in the ocean. So far none of the authorities have indicated that they are searching jungles. A series of small clues indicates there still is hope, more than the fear.

Why pilots could not radio it to the tower?
Hijackers might have used jammers to block communication. The plane's fuselage is made of aluminium which could be used as antenna for transmitting the jamming signal. Media reports say pilot of another flight tried to relay communication to MH370 and he heard mumbling, jammers were likely been active at that time. It is possible that hijackers activated jammers as the first step, so no body aboard would be able to communicate. Malaysian authorities have said the radar data shows the plane turned back. If jammers were not used, the pilots would have talked tower before turning.

Why it disappeared from radar?
Terrorists might have wanted the world to think it got crashed into the ocean. Malaysian authorities have said that their radar data indicates the flight turned back before disappearing. May be the hijackers took control of the plane and flew nose down till it was very close to the sea level. Ordinary radars would not pick objects at that level.

Been hijacked is better than being crashed
While authorities have no strong clue about the whereabouts of the plane, based on present information we have it is more likely that plane is hijacked than being crashed. And plane or the debris not being able to found in ocean could be a hope for the families of the passengers.

Everyone is looking in ocean. Nobody wants to search jungles
More than 10 countries have now taken part in the search efforts. Authorities have not said anything about any search effort in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia.

United States avoid relating with terrorism
The case of missing flight MH370 so far has not been related with terrorism by the United States. The US has said that they have not concluded otherwise, but need evidence before relating with terrorism.

Iranian bought tickets for stolen passports
According to a Thai travel agent it was an Iranian who bought tickets for passenger traveled on stolen tickets. "Mr Ali" asked for cheapest tickets and paid cash. This indicates 2 things; it was just some people who wanted to enter Europe or some terrorists planned it really well. You could check the princes online and head to travel agent. If you didnt not want to seem suspicious you would ask for cheapest tickets. The staff would say Malaysian Airlines have the best offer and the terrorist would say "I wouldnt mind if its cheap".

12 MARCH 2014
Hijackers might have taken MH370 to a remote location and landed on grass strip
A giant plane not being found with combined technology of 10 countries could mean its not there in the sea or their technology is surprisingly bogus. Focus has to be shifted to land areas as some of the families have report the passengers phone still ring. A phone plunged in water would not ring. A phone unreachable, would not get calls answered.

A multinational search effort for the missing MH370 has turned unsuccessful for the fourth day. The only concrete clue the authories have is that 2 passengers traveled on stolen passports and that they bought tickets together for the same price. But, these 2 were travelling to two different destinations via Beijing.

If the plane plunged into the ocean or was disintegrated mid-air, debris would almost certainly be found by now. Without any sign of the flight MH370 from the location it disappeared on the radar makes us relate this possible cause to terrorism.

The passengers holding stolen passports might have taken control of the flight without giving pilots any chance to radio to the tower. After taking control they might have dramatized a crash scenario by turning back and flying nose down till it disappeared from radars. Then the plane may have been taken to a remote jungle location where they have a grass field which you cant spot in space telescopes. If this was really what happened, now the hijackers might be loading flight with explosives or just hiding the plane till the alarmed authorities from the around world lower security level to normal.


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