Fish Makes Miracle In The Maldives

At first you may think what a cute little fish! You dont actually recall having seen this fish ever? But the head section seems similar to a common species found in the Maldives? This is when it starts getting interesting. The cute little fish swims slowly in the shallow waters. Angle camera rotates revealing the secret in this cute little fish.

fish miracle

It got no body, it is just the head of the fish gutted off and it swims away. The whole body of the fish is missing and yet it alive and swims. It seems the fisherman gutted the fish alive and threw the head into sea. Immediately the fish swims away. It is able to swim but there is not control as tail fin is missing. This fish will definitely not survive, there is no belly and food it eats would go out. Probably it will live for few minutes. Even then it is really incredible that the fish is still alive and swims.

Fish makes miracle in the Maldives. #Maldives #miracle #magic #fish #sea #marine #scuba #diving


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