Actress Carolina Parsons Spends Holiday In Maldives

14 Jan 2016: Among the many Hollywood stars celebrated new year in Maldives was Carolina Parsons. The Chilean born actress arrived Maldives few days before the new year and spent at least a week in Maldives, exact duration of stay remains unknown. Known for her role in Blood Sugar Baby, the actress seems to really enjoyed the holiday. She stayed in Amilla Fushi, the place where Kate Winslet and her husband stayed.

During the stay Carolina Parsons posted many pictures on her Instagram and some on twitter as well. These pictures indicate she stayed in one of the villas on the beach and had a private pool.

Carolina Parsons at Amilla Fushi

Carolina Parsons

Amilla Fushi Maldives maldives

Carolina Parsons in Maldives


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