Barefoot Business Meeting On Maldives Beach Or Business Lunch In London? You Decide!

Maldives is general known for leisure tourism. But, every year there are some corporate events happening at different resorts in the Maldives. Kurumba Maldives has a long history of MICE tourism. They have dedicated venue and a team of experts to organise the business events indoors. From banquets, to lighting and sound they could arrange everything, just like any other international convention centre but in a smaller scale. Bandos is also anther well known destination that is known for hosting events. These two resorts are very close to Male', hence there are many local invests hosted in these resorts.

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The new trend of business travel and events in the Maldives comes barefoot. A round table setup on quiet area of the beach comes with sound system and the delegation who holds the meeting comes barefoot. Do not ask me if they have clothes on, or if women are in bikinis. The deletion often wears short and t-shirt as they hold corporate meetings on the beach. This is the new Maldives style of corporate meetings.

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I was lucky to have taken part in a Chinese awarding ceremony on the beach. While I was working at resorts, I was in charge of organising the event and preparing the venue. We selected an isolated beach area and put a stage, we put a roof and background and chairs on the beach.

That was a Chinese event for about 110 participants. A big company gave gifts and awards to best employees. The event started around 18:30 and after few hours it ended with a gala dinner setup right next to the stage, on the beach. All the guests enjoyed the event, few ended up drunk at late night and the staff helped them to their rooms. This was my first red carpet event on the beach.

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The opposite of the barefoot business meeting on the Maldives beach could be the service provided by Southern Airport Travel of UK. You could have a quick meeting in London airport or any other location in London. London airport chauffeur service provided by Southern Airport Travel offers luxury S class Mercedes car, Viano or Vito's luxury people carrier to receive your team at the airport and drive to the venue. This hustle free service enable you to focus on your business meeting, leaving the task of driving and parking to people who are familiar with the place. These chauffeurs are experts at transferring clients to any of London's airports or private jet centres. You and your clients are treated as VIPs, including availability for London Heathrow airport transfers. If you want to set a business lunch in London, Essex Kent or Suffolk, Southern Airport Travel offers a smooth luxury ride.

So, which style of business meeting you want to have? Barefoot beach meeting in the Maldives or an indoor ballroom event followed by fun on the beach? Or a quick business lunch in London? Drop your comments to the forum or our facebook page.
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