4 Reasons That Kanye West Could Be A Great President For America

05 JULY 2020
BLOG: Social media seems getting overloaded with photos of Kanye West and there is a reason for it. The rapper has expressed interest to run for the next US Presidency. Here on Maldives Finest we usually don’t get into politics, occasionally write blogs on random interests.

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Some time back I wrote “Nothing is better than something” and to my surprise it got shared by hundreds of people and it became of the top articles on Maldives Finest. So, today I would like to give some thoughts about Kanye West becoming the next president of America. I am not so much into music, but some years back I came to know about Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian. Let alone being his fan, I hate rapping music. But, becoming a self-made billionaire is truly inspirational. He appears to be a loving husband who values his wife, ushers her with expensive gifts on special occasions. Generally, everything indicates he is a good citizen.

Today I went for walk on the beach and was thinking about a fishing trip at sunset. While strolling around I saw the post of Kanye. At first I thought he lacks experience and quality for the top job, only to realise people with experience are often dirty and corruption. Why not give chance for a good citizen? While stepping on soft white sand I came up with some reasons that Kanye would be a good president for America. Here goes the list!

1. He is a good citizen. Worked hard and become successful in his career. Has concerns and humility for others, you can see this on Black Lives Matter. An innocent successful person can do lot of good things to the country he loves. Kanye loves Kim, he takes good of her. He loves America, he can take good care of his country.

2. A clean person is always better than a tainted politician. Think about the Trump’s tax policies, racial matters and involvement in wars. Kanye does not look like someone who would be waging wars for profit, or someone who would support and help illegal Israeli settlements to expand.

3. It is right time to elect a black man. We have teach ourselves that race doesn't matter. America needs someone who gets along with every skin colour. That’s better for the country and the world. As for Trump, I have a feeling that he personally hates black people and it is ruining a great nation. Kanye West could be the right candidate who will unite all the races and make America great again.

4. You don’t need political experience. Trump didn’t have it and managed to win the election. What you need is humility, love and affection for your own people and others. I think Kanye has got all that. Once you become the President of America it will only go forward and you will gain experience. Good human being will always listen to others, accept opinions of experts in the field. If you think you are more experienced than others in every field I think you are good for nothing.

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