You May Never Notice It. But, If You Do Its Amazing.

Have you seen this? They are quite common in Maldives but you may need watchful eyes to spot them. They sit on top of the corals and stay camouflaged to catch their prey. At protected reefs such as at resorts, they are quite friendly as long as you don't pose a threat to them. Resorts don't catch fish from their house reef. So, the fish are friendly with guests.

When you stay with friendly octopuses they often do funny show off for you. They would makes short but swift moves, sits on the coral and blushes for you to see. Its amazing that this creature can camouflaging so well and so quickly. Its not only its colours, their skin can also make different shapes. Their skin is actually very smooth, but appears rough at times. Its just the appearance to match with the camouflage.

There are few ways to spot octopus. The easiest is to look for the tentacles, the suckers on the tentacles are very distinctive. They are also smart that they mostly hide the suckers when camouflaged. The other obvious clue is the gills that look like a round pipe. While they use it for breathing they could also hide inside coral but it seems they often keep it poked out. Another way to find them is to find their homes which are holes dug under the coral, often have pieces of coral around the rim or the entrance.


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