4 Perfect Ways To Spoil Your Maldives Holiday

Normally you see travel information that helps you enjoy holiday. The idea of this post is not to spoil your Maldives holiday, but to make you aware and prevent from a bad experience. Maldives is a heaven on earth. Even in heaven you have to follow some sort of safety precautions. Otherwise it could be an unforgettably bad experience.

dreamy beach Maldives


Almost all islands of Maldives have beautiful lagoons, at first sight you feel like you want to jump in straight away. So colours are so inviting. If you are not a swimmer or don’t know to stay afloat it gets you in real danger. Sometimes you drown or even happen to die. Resorts provide safety information to tourists, but sea is sometimes too attractive that makes you forget about your own safety. Lagoons often start with shallow depths and gets deeper as you go far. Sometimes it is not a gradual slope and there could be deep spots and you fall in with notice. So, it is always advisable to never swim alone and always wear lifejacket if you are not confident. Do not take unwanted risks. Maldives is a dreamy holiday destination and you are not coming here to have a disaster.


May be you are good swimmer, you have confidence. But, the underwater marine lives in the waters of Maldives are diverse. Not all are friendly and it is not their fault if you get in trouble because of your mistake. You have to know what you are doing. Species such as lion fish, string ray or moray eel are not aggressive, but they are dangerous if approached too close. The golden rule in underwater is that you are safe with fish as long as you don’t pose a threat to them. They use their weapon to protect themselves from harm, not intending to proactively attack you. Always keep considerable distance between you and the fish, I would recommend to keep about 10 feet. Don’t touch fish or coral, no matter how beautiful they look. If you don’t mind about your own safety it could end your dream holiday in a real bad way.

Protests in the Maldives capital

Political situation in the Maldives is not always smooth and there are protests and riots taking place mostly in the capital Male’. Most of the time these functions are peaceful, but not always. At times there were police crackdowns and violence among protestors thought not to a high level. Being a tourist you would not want to get hurt, get caught in tear gas or even get arrested. Male’ is mostly safe for visitors even during political instability. But if you are in the crowd of protestors that is when things turn bad, your holiday could get spoiled. So, it is advisable to avoid any attempt to go through such crowds if you happen to see them, take alternative routes and do not bother politics.

Warm climate

Temperate of the Maldives is usually between 25 and 32 degrees, all year round. If you go in sun without a good sun cream your skin could have problems. Once your health conditions are not good, you can’t enjoy a holiday. So, it is advisable to select a cream of good UV factor. If you are going to sea the cream is a must, otherwise you might have to regret.


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