Maldives Islands Like Oil Rigs After 100 Years? 7 Ways To Tackle Rising Sea Level.

Rising sea level is the biggest long-term thread to the low lying islands of Maldives. But, the question is, what will happen to Maldives after 100 years? No one knows for sure and there are many theories. This video simplifies those theories for easier compression. Floating concept at small scale is nothing new to Maldives. When it comes to floating islands like that of giant oil rigs it rises a lot of questions about the fate of Maldives tourism industry.

maldives oil rig islands

Who will spend hundreds of dollars per night to stay on an oil rig? Even though it may be like oil rigs in practical concept the aesthetics would likely be totally different. In that case "floating islands" is a more suitable term that fits the purpose.

For those who hate the concept of floating islands there is a good news. The oil rig inspired floating islands is not the last option. The video made by Kento Bento actually discusses 7 different ways the Maldives could possibly tackle rising sea level and manage to survive in some form.

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Maldives islands like oil rigs after 100 years? 7 ways to tackle rising sea level. #Maldives #SeaLevelRise #GlobalWarming #Enrivonment


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