Sea Level Rise Will Sink Maldives And The Solution Is...

The island nation 370 miles north of India is home to some 350,000 residents of a low lying country called Maldives. Vivid colours of the lagoons, corals and milk-white beaches makes it a luxury travel destination that is popular across the globe. Be it honeymoon, family vacations, surfing or diving the Maldives is an unforgettable destination of its own kind. But, how will these beautiful islands live? Accordingly to Intercontinental Panel on Climate Change, sea level rise claims 0.12 inch of gain every year and at that speed the islands with only 1 metre above sea level would be wiped off the map.

sea level rise solution

To prevent Maldives from sinking the architect and photographer Mayank Tamalla from New Zealand comes up with an incredible concept. The city is a massive oil rig kind of platform suspected several metres above the sea level, far from being endangered by sea level rise. There are houses, play grounds, cinemas, shops and other facilities of a small city island. Residents can go down by lifts installed at different locations.

maldives oil rig city

The architect believes the Maldives will no longer be the heaven on earth but the harmony and beauty will suffice for today's living styles.


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