Vanished Teen Returns 60 Years Later With Mother Tongue Forgotten

Maldivian teenager Mohamed Saeed, 14, mysteriously vanished in 1954. The family had no clue about what happened to him and they never heard from him since his disappearance, till September this year. He has now reunited with the family 60 years after his disappearance.

Maldives vanished teen
Mohamed Saeed, now 74

Few weeks back, an India chef came to work in Maldives and handed over a note to one of Saeed's family members. It was an Indian address with a phone number. The chef told his family that Saeed was alive and wants to reunite. The family got their first clue after 60 years and that tracked him to a village in Hyderabad. But, Saeed has forgotten his mother tongue and could not communicate his family members in Maldives. Two family members flew India and met their long missing family member. Surprising they could still recognise Saeed.

His name was changed to Habeeb Ibrahim, got married and have 7 children to his Indian wife. He speaks India language of Urdu and does not remember his mother tongue.

What caused his mysterious disappearance? He boarded a ship that sailed to Srilanka and later moved and settled in India's city of Hyderabad, 60 years ago. He wanted education, later got used to the village and decided to live there, may be with no intention of ever coming back to Maldives.
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Vanished teen returns 60 years later with mother tongue forgotten #Maldives


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