Lily Beach Resort Maldives - Must Know

A 25 minutes seaplane flight takes you to Lily Beach Resort at Huvahendhoo Island. Located in South-East Ari Atoll, Lily Beach is just 600 metres in length and 110 metres in width. This narrow formation of island makes its villas right on the beach or over water. Entrance to Lagoon Villas is from land and at the opposite side of the room is a terrace with stairs down in to the water.

The magic of this resort is in their state of the art Deluxe Water Villas. A jetty extended from the island for few hundred feet means a small water town. Once you open the door its 6 feet glass floor. If you want to get in you have to step on the glass. At the back is private deck with a plunge pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. On one side is a stair for you to go down. The reef is very beautiful and its just mere metres from your villa. Dont forget to take life-jackets from wardrobe. The current could shift quickly even on a clear day and it is always advisable to wear life-jacket and only go with your partner or other guests. Never go snorkeling alone.

At the far end of the jetty that connects water villas are Sunset Water Suites. Suites have separate sitting area, bedroom and a large bathroom which gives open view of the lagoon. The deck and pool are bigger. At this point is very close to the deep sea. Its a great point t start snorkeling.

Unlike other resorts in Maldives Lily Beach Resort offers only one simple meal plan. They call it Platinum Plan which is actually a very good all-inclusive plan. Daily meals are provided at Lily Maa Restaurant. There are 3 bars on the island, one near LiLy Maa and others at two ends of the island. These bars also serve light meals and its included in your Platinum Plan. You don't actually need to come LiLy Maa for all your meals. Its a tiny island and convenient to visit to reach different facilities. There is a tennis court, children's club and gym for people who need them.


Lily Beach Resort Maldives - Must Know
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