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The tourism industry that has flourished in the past 30 or so years has brought Maldives into the international spotlight, with almost every hotel giant making their own mark in the worlds within the Maldivian Archipelago. The humble resort island of Kurumba Maldives might look like another middle-end resort with all the luxury 5-star hotels that’s carved their own piece of lavish tropical paradise.


However, that is very much not the case as Kurumba Maldives, located in the North Male’ Area, is the first ever resort to open in Maldives in 1972. So not only is it the oldest island resort in Maldives but also the pioneer that kickstarted the tourism industry in Maldives and it all happened with the right people in the right place. There might’ve been a possibility of Maldives just never being explored, the tourism never flourishing but thanks to Mohamed Umar Maniku and Hussain Afeef setting up Kurumba after meeting George Korbin, an Italian travel agent pioneering an industry that turned out to be a gold mine, that unimaginable future never came to be.

The humble resort named after the word coconut in the local language opened on the 3rd of October in 1972 and could only accommodate 60 guests a month with a handful of founding friends. Now, they are able to house a whopping 14,000 guests per month and a total of 450 staff. They upgraded once when the airport finally got revamped. To meet the ever-growing demands of the 21st century, the resort went through another transformation resulting in a world-class villa, the first of its kind in the country. Any resort can be a pioneer, like Kurumba first did introducing tourism into the Maldives, but they kept up with competition and after that transformation they literally set the standard and benchmark for the hospitality and tourism industry in the Maldives.


The island of Vihamanaafushi that houses that the pioneering resort of Kuruma Maldives, is only half a kilometer long and extremely close to the airport with only a 10-minute speedboat ride taking you there. Paradise is just so close-by, it almost feels like cheating as the other tourists who might have to taken seaplanes or domestic flights to their destinations. The accessibility of the resort along with the setting, architectural flair, entertainment and the service make this ideal all-inclusive luxury resort very family friendly.


With more than 40 years’ worth of experience in what exactly the tourism industry requires and demands when it comes to accommodation, Kurumba Maldives certainly manages to deliver. Though some guests complained about certain parts of the resort being dated a year ago the Kurumba Maldives seemed to have taken the criticisms to heart and addressed those issues. With its price bracket along with lovely furnishing and high standard room service, Kurumba Maldives is definitely worth the stay. Being one of the first resorts, they don’t feature the romantic overwater setting and offer a completely different kind of magic entirely.


Great value for money

On the southern tip of the island, tucked away coconut grove that opens up to the beach are 38 units of the entry-level Superior Rooms. It might not have that romantic thatched roof, but they are quite popular with budgeting families as they have interconnecting rooms along with a very distinct atmosphere. These two-story buildings have spacious bathrooms with double sinks as well as both indoor and outdoor showers and cover 74 sqm. An upgrade from those rooms would be the Deluxe Bungalow and Beachfront Deluxe Bungalow. Also covering the 74 sqm, the Deluxe Bungalows have more privacy and are set more towards the greenery with the Beachfront Deluxe Bungalows closer to the water and have private terraces with sun loungers. For those who want affordability don’t want to compromise privacy, either of the bungalows are a perfect choice. There are 72 Deluxe Bungalows and 34 Beachfront Deluxe Bungalows, and the ones on the western side of the island quite close the court, spa, cinema, outdoor play area as well as the Athiri Bar.

A slightly premium touch

For those who want to stay at a more premium villa with privacy and space in abundance, there are quite a few options. After all, Kurumba Maldives caters to every kind of tourist. A direct upgrade from the bungalows but for those who still love the beach are the 6 Beach Villas on the eastern end of the island. These charming little havens are a much larger at 103 sqm and is perfectly poised for a lovely sunrise. A generous space, with a separate lounge and intimate garden spa tub for soaking. For those who enjoy the majesty of nature, there are 8 Garden Pool Villas tucked away in the tropical gardens. So, guests can enjoy the extra space at 124 sqm and indulge the private courtyard, open-plan bathroom and private plunge pool. Even more premium and much larger than the previous two villas are the 17 Deluxe Pool Villas, covering a 160 sqm with all the commodities that’ll make your stay unforgettable. A spacious villa with its very own private pool and a sitting room to soak up the sun’s ray as well as a private deck that offer views of either the tropical garden or the classic breathtaking ocean views.

The most premium indulgences

For the high-rollers to whom the price is no concern, there are the 4 Family Villas and the Two Bedroom Kurumba Residence. The Family Villas are the Presidential-class villas at Kurumba Maldives and covers a whopping 306 sqm. It is perfect for travelling groups and can accommodate up to families and groups of 6 and has the ideal combination of private and communal accommodation styles. Raised up to two floors, the top floor includes the lounging and living areas of the villa and the ground floor has two astonishingly beautiful bedrooms. Stunning ocean views and secluded lazing either in the pool or on the beachside deck. Finally, there’s the pride of Kurumba Maldives, the Two Bedroom Kurumba Residence. The ultimate luxury and the epitome of the architectural flair and culture of Kurumba Maldives, this residence is quite the spectacle. It features two interconnected large rooms with their deck and pool with a spacious lounging area. This single unit is a sprawling 768 sqm, so if you’re looking to splurge, make sure you indulge and absorb it all!

Dining Options

The dining experience at Kurumba is all up to the guest’s preferences and choices. The resort is well known for their all-inclusive packages that can be perfectly tailored for the guests. With a whopping total of 8 restaurants, 3 bars and 1 shisha lounge, one is bound to have an unbelievably amazing experience at Kurumba Maldives. You really are spoiled for choice here.


Vihamanaa : For guests who opt for the Full board option, most meals are primarily served at the main restaurant called Vihamanaa. This is the resorts main dining hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is usually intercontinental and don’t vary from day to day but the other meals do. The food is excellent and the buffet spreads do vary, except breakfast. Here you can enjoy international delicacies with a Maldivian touch while appreciating the charming design.


Thila : For those staying at more premium room categories is the Thila, where you can order breakfast items varying from crepes to fresh juice or even sparkling wine. It also probably one of the best dining venues in the resort, if not in the whole country. Being Kurumbas signature restaurant, it features contemporary cuisine including seafood and prime-cut grilled meat set over the water offering lovely sea views. Dinner here is a must and though expensive, it is completely worth the splurge. The romantic lights in the evening, an open kitchen meant to dazzle if the picturesque Indian Ocean view doesn’t impress you.


A variety of International Options : Head to the southeastern tip of the island to get to Hamakaze, Kurumba’s very Japanese Restaurant situated to catch the lovely ocean wind. Have a lively sumptuous dining experience in in an overwater restaurant while enjoying Teppanyaki and Hibachi sizzles and appreciating first rate seafood and sushi. If you want to step into the heart of India, then Mahal is perfect restaurant offering boundless choice from Authentic and savory recipes from northern & southern India. Since most restaurants are nearby, right next door is the Italian Restaurant, Isola featuring the classic Italian dishes with a twist. If you’re looking for a contemporary dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere where you can open wine racks with Italian labels, then this is the restaurant for you. When you step into the shisha lounge Fez however, you’re transported into the middle-east with the Arabic colors, elegant design and a wide selection of flavored shisha. The exploration of the middle-east doesn’t stop there, as you can head to Al Qasr, that feature Lebanese and Moroccan specialties. For those who want to experience Thai cuisine, there is Khing Thai, offering a delightful and unforgettable journey with authentic flavors from Thailand.

There’s also the café designed in a classic contemporary style and feature playful Maldivian and savory Asian classics. Additionally, there are also Comfort foods and homemade ice cream where you can grab a quick bite after basking in the pool. For entertainment, Kandu is a breezy pavilion with wide overwater deck that feature smooth DJ Sets, soulful jazz, energetic live bands and creative cocktails. Finally, there’s Athiri 1 & 2, set on the strip of beaches on the western and eastern end of the island. Enjoy magnificent sunsets over the Indian Ocean, a cocktail in hand.
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