Maldives FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are going abroad to any country the first thing you want to know is the FAQ and here is that of Maldives. Previously we had this section combined with Map of Maldives. To allow for more answers now this is a separate topic. Time to time the post will be updated.

How can I get visa to Maldives?
If you have confirmed hotel reservation you can get free 30-day tourist visa on arrival at the airport, no matter which country you are from. You do not require prior visa to visit Maldives. But you must hold hotel voucher to prove that you have confirmed reservation.

Which currency should I bring?
The local currency used in Maldives is called Rufiyaa or MVR. Usage of US Dollar is very common in Maldives. You do not need to exchange US Dollar to any other currency, you can pay by USD. Other currencies accepted at resorts include Euro, English Pound, Chinese Renminbi. Local shops only accept Rufiyaa and US Dollar, so if you have any other currency you could exchange on arrival at the airport. There is a currency exchange booth just before the exit. Banks in the capital Male' have long queues, hence its not convenient for travelers.

What is the country code of Maldives? Where can I buy sim card with internet?
+960 is the country code for international direct dialing. There are two telecommunication service providers, Dhiraagu and Ooredoo Maldives. Outlets of both companies could be found on the right side when you exit INIA airport. You can buy sim card with internet package. Don't forget to ask at the shop if 3G network is available in the resort. At least one service provider is there in every resort that gives 3G network, speed is about 4mbps in average. Resort wifi is often quite expensive. Some resorts do give free internet but if you want good speed the sim card is worth to spend a few dollars. If you are staying at least 5 nights it is definitely more cost effective to buy a sim card with an internet package.

What credit cards are accepted in the Maldives?
All the resorts accept credit cards, but not all credit cards. Widely accepted credit cards are Visa, Master, American Express. Some resorts accept Maestro, Diners Club and other cards too. If you are planning to use cards in local islands it is advisable to use cash instead.

What to wear when visiting local residential islands?
Maldives is a muslim country. To visit local residential islands and airports you should dress modestly. Your body should be covered from shoulder to knee. You could wear top with jeans or skirt.

How to go Male' from airport?
Male' is just 10 minutes from airport by boat. There is 24-hour ferry operated between Male' and airport. When you exit the airport terminal you would see many small boats moored to the jetty. There is a small booth selling ferry tickets. If you are planning to visit Male' on your departure from Maldives, you could deposit your baggage at airport information counter, there is a charge of USD5 per baggage per day.

What are the tourist attractions in Male' city?
Male' is the world's smallest capital and one of the overcrowded cities. If you are visiting Male' you would see a large flag waving over the skyline. Take note of its location. Once arrived, head to the flag you saw while arriving and on the way you will see President's Office. If you walk straight, few minutes past the flag, you can find Fish Market and Local market. Then you can come back near the flag, around are souvenir shops. The mosque with large golden dome is called the Islamic Centre. There is a board with notice for tourists who wish to enter. Next the Islamic Centre is the headquarters of the Maldives National Defence Force. Taking pictures of MNDF is not permitted. Just ask a friendly local and you will find the national museum, old Friday Mosque and Presidential Palace in walking distance. There are many restaurants around if you need a snack or refreshment.


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