Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Opens For Visitors From Other Resorts

Dining below the surface of the sea has been a fantasy of many tourists. That may be one of the reasons so many tourists prefer Conrad Maldives Rangali Island for their Maldives holiday. Conrad Maldives is home to first undersea restaurant in Maldives. Since its launch the uniquely designed outlet became world famous, not only because it sits undersea but also of the magnificence of rich marine species living around the restaurant.

Photo: View of Ithaa, the undersea restaurant in Maldives

Ithaa sits 5 metres below sea level and is open for lunch and dinner. Immense number of guests wanting to experience this outstanding attraction makes pre-booking essential. If you are dreaming of an underwater culinary experience and just booked Conrad Maldives make sure you book the lunch or dinner as soon as you arrive the resort, or email to resort and pre-book.

If you don’t get chance to stay at Conrad but still want to dine at Ithaa, the reservation can be made on advance, you can process it directly with the resort or get help through your travel agent. In-house guests of Conrad Maldives gets first priority, any remaining seats are given to visitors from other resorts. Being a world famous icon the princes at Ithaa are high for ordinary traveller, but for luxury holidaymakers of Conrad class it may be reasonable. On top of the set menu price visitors from other resorts pay for their transfers. Even then, there are guests coming in seaplane to have a meal at this undersea restaurant. They say the ultimate dining experience is worth the money spent.

A dinner at Ithaa may be very romantic, perfect for an anniversary or birthday celebration with your loved one and no others as a group. Lunch is better if you want to make pictures with marine species that fly over your, day time means better brightness and clarity. Ithaa’s unique design gives you 180 degree view and marine lives such as manta ray, sharks, peacock grouper, red spanners are all at your sight. While comforting your taste buds with a menu of finest dishes you will be lost in your own dream world, magical moments and memories are made with perfection, at Ithaa restaurant in the Maldives.

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