List Of Hospitals In Maldives - Updated 2021

Tourists are coming in to Maldives from all over the world have no idea about hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country. An island country comprising 200 local residential islands and over 130 resorts which are located on its own island it is important to have a handy list of hospitals with contact details. Every island belongs to an atoll which is a group of islands in the natural formation. To make it easy to locate hospital the list is categorized atoll-wise. If you don't know your which atoll is your island then see the map of Maldives.

Velana International Airport located in capital Male' makes it a tourism hotspot. Male' is now comprised of 3 different islands; the real Male' island, Hulhule' (where airport is located), and Hulhumale' (modern city). These 3 islands are connected by bridge and highway, making it easily accessible.

Hospitals in Male'

ADK Hospital
H. Sosun Magu, K. Male'
Contact: +960 3313553

Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital - IGMH
M, Kanbaa Aisa Rani Hingun, K. Male'
Contact: +960 3335335

Hulhumale’ Hospital
Huvandhumaahigun, Hulhumale’
Contact: +960 3350037, 3350038, 3350592, 960 3350593

Treetop Hospital (Hulhumale')
Lot 10608, Dhumburi Magu, Hulhumale’, 23000.
Contact: +960 3351610

IGM Hospital (more commonly known as IGMH) is the biggest government hospital located in capital Male'. If you are going there for any treatment do expect long queues and waiting. Since it is government managed the prices are lowest in the country. Most of the locals go to hospital.

The second biggest is the ADK Hospital which too is in Male'. This is a private hospital is widely popular among middle class citizens and tourists. This hospital is also full of people but not as many as IGMH. Both the hospitals offer emergency services and other medical treatments.

Treetop Hospital is a new tertiary facility located in Hulhumale', accessible from Airport and Male' City via roadway. Quality of facilities are top notch. The hospital offers emergency services and specialist consultation for various diseases and illnesses. This place is popular among the tourists and wealthy locals. The hospital is well equipped with modern machineries and scanning systems. The investment belongs to one of the richest Maldivian who jointly owns several resorts.

Hospitals In Other Atolls and Islands

Haa Alifu Atoll
Haa Alif Atoll Hospital
Shareeul Ameen Magu H. A. Dhidhdhoo
Contact: +960 6500053

Haa Dhaalu Atoll
Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital
Bandaara Magu, Dhekunu Avah, H. Dh. Kulhudhuffushi
Contact: +960 6528864

Shaviyani Atoll
Shaviynai Atoll Hospital
Nooraanee Magu Sh. Funadhoo
Contact: +960 6540061

Noonu Atoll
Noonu Atoll Hospital
Roashanee Magu, N. Manadhoo
Contact: +960 6560036

Raa Atoll
Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital
Dhandehelu Hingun, R. Ungoofaaru
Contact: +960 6580029

Baa Atoll
Baa Atoll Hospital
Roashanee Magu, B. Eydhafushi
Contact: +960 6608309

Lhaviyani Atoll
Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital
Ifthithaahee Magu, LH, Naifaru
Contact: +960 6620048

Alifu Alifu Atoll (also known as North Ari Atoll)
Alif Alif Atoll Hospital
Saharaa Magu, A. A. Rasdhoo
Contact: +960 6660645

Alifu Dhaalu Atoll (also known as South Ari Atoll)
Alif Dhaalu Atoll Hospital
Ameenee Magu, A. Dh. Mahibadhoo
Contact: +960 6680529

Vaavu Atoll
Vaavu Atoll Hospital
Nooraanee Magu, V. Fulidhoo
Contact: +960 6700691

Meemu Atoll
Mulee Regional Hospital
Rankokaa Magu, M. Muli
Contact: +960 6720605

Faafu Atoll
Faafu Atoll Hospital
Kudagan'duvaru Magu, F. Nilandhoo
Contact: +960 6740086

Dhaalu Atoll
Dhaalu Atoll Hospital
Ameenee Magu, Dh. Kudahuvadhoo
Contact: +960 6760622

Thaa Atoll
Thaa Atoll Hospital
Haveeree Hingun, Th. Veymandoo
Contact: +960 6780057

Laamu Atoll
Gan Regional Hospital
Causeway, L. Gan
Contact: +960 6800026

Gaafu Alifu Atoll
Gaafu Alifu Atoll Hospital
Ameenee Magu, GA, Vilingili
Contact: +960 6820034

Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll
Thinadhoo Regional Hospital
Orchid Magu, GDH, Thinadhoo
Contact: +960 6841990

Gnaviyani Atoll
Gnaviyani Atoll Hospital
Dhuvahfan'di Magu, Gn. Fuahmulah
Contact: +960 6861860

Addu Atoll (also known as Seenu Atoll)
Gan Regional Hospital
Bodu Magu, Mathimaradhoo, L. Gan
Contact: +960 6800096

Hithadhoo Regional Hospital
Rahdhebai Magu S. Hithadhoo
Contact: +960 6885045


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